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rta vehicle registration renewal online methods

rta vehicle registration renewal online methods

rta vehicle registration renewal is a straightforward process facilitated by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai. This essential procedure ensures that vehicles maintain their legal status on the roads of Dubai.

rta vehicle registration renewal

rta vehicle registration renewal online can done through Rta website:

Go to the RTA Vehicle Registration website and log in to your account.

rta vehicle registration renewal online methods

Click on the “Renew Vehicle”.

Choose the “Click to view and renew your vehicles”.

rta vehicle registration renewal online methods

Agree to the website terms and click on “Apply for this service”.

rta vehicle registration renewal online methods

Enter all information.

Click on “find”.

rta vehicle registration renewal online methods

Choose the “payment option” to make the payment.

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rta renew vehicle registration online via dubai drive app

To renew vehicle registration online via dubai drive app, follow this steps:

Download “Dubai Drive” mobile application.

Open the app on your device.

Click on the “RTA Services” section.

Access your vehicle details by selecting “My Vehicles”, then choose “Renew Vehicles.”

Provide necessary information such as preferred delivery method, date, city, address, and contact details.

Complete the payment process using a credit card.

Await the issuance of a valid certificate.

rta vehicle registration renewal online

By utilising Mahboub, you can conveniently renew your vehicle registration. Here’s how:

Without an RTA Account:

  • Visit the RTA website.
  • Click on “Talk to Mahboub.”
rta vehicle registration renewal online methods
  • Provide the necessary personal information when prompted, including your name, email, and phone number.
  • Type “renew vehicle” and submit.
  • Input your vehicle’s plate number.
  • Mahboub will verify insurance and inspection details from RTA records.
  • Specify your preferred delivery option.
  • Complete payment for fees and any pending fines.
  • Expect to receive your new vehicle certificate within three days.

With an RTA Account:

  • Open the Mahboub chatbot on the RTA website.
  • Enter “renew vehicle.”
  • Provide your RTA account username.
  • Mahboub will present a list of vehicles registered under your account. Select your desired car or manually enter the plate number for a separate vehicle.
  • Once insurance and inspection are confirmed, choose a delivery method from the provided options.
  • Make online payments for applicable fees and fines.
  • Receive your new vehicle ownership certificate within three days, or immediately via email.

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rta dubai vehicle registration renewal

Renewing your vehicle registration through RTA self-service machines is a swift process. Follow these steps:

Locate a nearby RTA self-service machine.

Select your preferred language on the machine’s screen.

Choose the RTA services option.

Click on “Vehicle Registration Services.”

Input your vehicle details.

Pay your renewal fees.

Your new registration card will begin printing.

vehicle registration renewal requirement

Here are the requirements for car registration documents stated differently:

  • Original Vehicle Registration Card (Mulkiya)
  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Valid Insurance Policy covering the renewal period
  • Salik Account details (if applicable)
  • Clearance of any outstanding Traffic Fines

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renew vehicle registration rta fees

Here are the car registration renewal fees:

  • Registration Renewal Fee: AED 350
  • Salik Registration Renewal Fee (if applicable): AED 50
  • Service Charges: AED 20-50, depending on chosen delivery options.

RTA Vehicle Registration Renewal:

  • Website: Visit the RTA website at directly.
  • Dubai Drive App: Download from the Google Play Store ( or the Apple App Store (rta drive).

In conclusion, the rta vehicle registration renewal process offers a convenient and efficient way for vehicle owners in Dubai to ensure their vehicles remain legally registered.

What is the validity of car registration in Dubai?

Standard validity is one year. New vehicles bought from authorised dealerships can go 3 years without testing if renewed before expiry.

What is the grace period for RTA renewal?

The RTA gives you a grace period of 30 days to allow you to finalize without penalties. 

Can I register a car without Emirates ID?

To register a car in uae  you need a valid Emirates ID and a Traffic Code (TC) Number.

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