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rta renew vehicle online in 2 minutes

rta renew vehicle online in 2 minutes

rta renew vehicle is a straightforward process that allows vehicle owners in Dubai to ensure their cars comply with legal requirements. Through convenient online platforms or mobile apps, individuals can seamlessly renew their vehicle registration by following a few simple steps.

rta renew vehicle online steps

Here are the steps to rta renew your vehicle online:

  • Collect necessary documents: Emirates ID, vehicle registration card, and valid insurance certificate.
  • Check registration expiration to avoid fines.
  • Choose an RTA service center and submit documents along with the renewal fee.
  • Receive approval and a new registration card.
  • Update any changes in information before renewal.
  • Vehicles older than 3 years require inspection.
  • Timely renewal is advisable to avoid fines.

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rta vehicle license renewal online

To renew your RTA vehicle license online, here’s what you need to do:

rta vehicle license renewal via website

  • Make sure your vehicle passes the necessary test by visiting any authorised vehicle testing center (locate the nearest one on the RTA website).
  • Obtain insurance coverage for your vehicle.
  • Go to and select the option for vehicle license renewal. Provide the required information.
rta renew vehicle online
  • Generate and print your temporary registration card.
rta renew vehicle online
  • Choose to have your permanent registration card delivered via courier or pick it up from the RTA office.

Renewing RTA Vehicle License via Mobile App

To renew your RTA vehicle license via the mobile app, follow these steps:

  • Undergo required inspection and obtain insurance.
  • Download Drivers & Vehicles mobile app.
  • Settle outstanding fines and generate temporary registration card.

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rta vehicle registration renewal

For an online car registration renewal in Dubai, follow these steps:

Step 1 Sign in to your RTA account.
Step 2 Click on “Driver and car section and access licensing services.
Step 3Click on “vehicles renewal.”
Step 4 Choose your car’s make, number plate, and year from the system.
Step 5Select your preferred delivery method: either pick up the permanent card from an RTA center or have it couriered to your address.
Step 6Your vehicle will be automatically renewed within three working days.
rta renew vehicle online in 2 minutes

vehicle renewal rta documents

To apply for car registration renewal in Dubai online, prepare the following documents:

Emirates ID card.

Vehicle registration card (Mulkiya).

Valid proof of insurance with a duration of over six months.

RTA road safety certificate.

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rta vehicle renewal fees

The registration fees for new vehicles with the RTA are structured as follows:

A fee of AED 400 applies for registering a light vehicle, whether it’s for private or public use.

For private vehicles weighing between 3 to 12 tonnes, the registration fee is AED 500, while it’s AED 750 for public vehicles in the same weight category.

Additional fees include AED 35 for a short plate, AED 50 for a long plate, AED 200 for a Dubai branded plate, and AED 100 for an Expo branded plate.

An expiry sticker incurs a fee of AED 100.

There’s also a knowledge and innovation fee starting from AED 20+.

Lastly, a vehicle inspection fee of AED 150 applies to new cars.

rta renew vehicle website

You can access the RTA Dubai license renewal website by clicking on the following link:, or download rta app for app store”from here” for play store”from here” directly.

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In conclusion, the RTA’s vehicle renewal process offers a convenient and efficient way for vehicle owners in Dubai to ensure their vehicles remain compliant with legal requirements.

What are the necessary documents for vehicle registration renewal in Dubai?

The documents required for vehicle registration renewal in Dubai include a valid Emirates ID card, existing car registration card (Mulkiya).

What are the consequences if my car fails the vehicle inspection?

If your vehicle does not pass the inspection test, it is essential to address the necessary repairs and maintenance promptly, typically within a 30-day period.

How much is car registration renewal in Dubai?

Cost car registration renewal in Dubai is: AED 350

What is the grace period for RTA renewal?

The RTA gives you a grace period of 30 days to allow you to finalize without penalties.

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