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rta helpline number dubai 24/7

rta helpline number dubai 24/7

With the rta helpline number dubai, assistance and support are always within reach. Whether you’re a commuter looking for information on public transport services, a driver needing guidance on road regulations, or a resident with inquiries about transportation-related matters rta helpline is here to help.

rta dubai service

Dubai’s transportation network is designed to keep the city moving smoothly, offering a wide range of public transport services to cater to the needs of millions of commuters every year. Whether you’re seeking to top up your nol card for metro and tram travel, planning a bus or taxi journey, or considering a trip via marine transport, here are rta dubai service:

  • Verify Vehicle Registration Validity.
  • Review Your Penalties.
  • Monitor nol Card Balance.
  • Assess Salik Account Balance.
  • Obtain Schedule Downloads.
  • Access Departure Schedule.
  • Monitor Seasonal Card Expiration.

rta helpline number dubai 24/7

The rta helpline number dubai is 80088088 and 800 90 90, serves as a vital point of contact for residents and visitors alike. Whether you have inquiries about transportation services, need assistance with route planning, or want to report an issue on the roads, the helpline is available to provide support.

dubai rta helpline number

For any assistance or inquiries regarding Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) services, individuals can contact the RTA helpline number at +971 4 605 1414 and Fax +971 4 206 5555 This helpline provides support for various transportation-related matters, including public transport, road regulations, vehicle registration, and licensing services. Whether you have questions about routes, schedules, fines, or general information, the RTA helpline is available to assist you.

rta dubai contact number timings

The contact number for RTA Dubai operates during the following timings:

  • Monday to Thursday: 07:30 AM to 03:30 PM
  • Friday: 08:00 AM to 12:30 PM

police helpline number rta dubai

For urgent assistance or to report emergencies related to transportation matters in Dubai, individuals can reach out to the police helpline number for RTA Dubai at +971 4 284 4444.

rta dubai careers

To inquire about career opportunities with RTA Dubai or to share your questions and ideas, please send an email to the following address: directly.

rta journey planner

To plan your journey with RTA:

Visit the RTA website.
Choose your starting point.
Select your destination.
Pick your departure time.
Initiate the search.

rta dubai contact information

Here are the contact information details for RTA Dubai:

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rta helpline number dubai 24/7

In conclusion, the rta helpline number dubai stands as a vital resource for residents and visitors alike, offering timely assistance and guidance for all transportation-related queries.

How do I contact RTA customer service?

call 8009090.

What is 999 in UAE?

you can call the following numbers while anywhere in the UAE: 999 for Police.

Where can I pay my RTA bus fine in Dubai?

You can check the fines by visiting any of the Customer Happiness Centres in Dubai. 

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