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lost passport police report online in uae

lost passport police report online in uae

A lost passport police report is an official document filed with law enforcement authorities to document the loss or theft of a passport. This report serves as crucial evidence for individuals seeking to replace their lost or stolen passport.

lost passport police report

The lost passport police report process enables individuals to officially report the loss of their passport through Abu Dhabi Police platform.

Utilising this platform, individuals can formally notify authorities of the loss of various possessions, providing specific information. Subsequently, they can procure an official certificate from the Abu Dhabi Police.

  • 📌Complete the application and submit necessary documentation via the provided channels.
  • 📌Upon processing, receive the official certificate for the lost items.

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police report for lost passport

first report the loss or theft of the passport to the police station nearest to where the incident took place.

  • If the lost passport belongs to a minor, the sponsoring parent should be present to endorse the report.
  • If the person who lost the passport is on his employer’s sponsorship, he should submit a letter in Arabic about the loss of the passport. The letter should be on the sponsoring employer’s letterhead and should be submitted to the police department of the emirate where the residence visa was issued. The sponsor should also provide a photocopy of its licence and establishment card.
  • If the person who lost the passport is on family sponsorship, he needs to submit a letter signed by the sponsor and a photocopy of the sponsor’s passport.

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dubai police report for lost passport

Here are the steps to obtain a certificate of loss passport in dubai:

If expatriates misplace their passport, they should visit the nearest police station and complete a specific form or visit dubai police and providing the necessary documents.

lost passport police report online in uae

After this, they need to obtain a police report, which must be authenticated by three other governmental bodies in Dubai.

Following the acquisition of the police report, individuals are required to visit the Dubai Courts reception. There, the report will be registered in the system and stamped at no cost.

Subsequently, a visit to the Public Prosecution Department, located adjacent to Dubai Courts, is necessary for a similar procedure, also at no charge.

The next step involves presenting the report to the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). A fee of Dh20 is required to have the police report stamped here.

After obtaining the stamped report from GDRFA, it should be returned to the initial police station. Here, a formal ‘lost passport’ certificate in Arabic will be issued.

Once the Arabic certificate is obtained, it should be taken to the respective embassy, adhering to the embassy’s protocols for obtaining a new passport.

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police report for lost passport requirements

Requirements for filing a lost passport report with the police:

  • Two up-to-date passport-sized photos
  • Duplicate of the misplaced passport, if available
  • If the lost passport belongs to a minor, the guardian (either the father or mother) must accompany them
  • A printed letter from the employer, officially stamped, along with copies of the company’s Trade License and Establishment Card (applicable solely to expatriates sponsored by the company)
  • A letter from the sponsor displaying their signature, along with a duplicate of the sponsor’s passport (mandatory for expatriates under individual sponsorship)

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In conclusion, filing a lost passport police report is a crucial step for individuals who have misplaced their travel document.

How much is the police report for lost passport?

If you apply for the certificate in person through the Smart Police Station, the cost of certificate will be Dh100.

How can I get police report for lost passport in Abu Dhabi?

At the police station, you’ll be required to fill lost passport document. Within 1 working day, the police will issue you a lost passport report

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