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how to apply for esaad card online members and companies

how to apply for esaad card online

how to apply for esaad card is a straightforward process that begins with ensuring eligibility based on factors such as age, employment status, and nationality. In this article we will provide how to apply for esaad card online for members and companies.

what is esaad card

The esaad card is a loyalty program offering perks and discounts to its members. Linked to a mobile app, the card enables users to conveniently access and utilize the available offers. It caters primarily to government employees, retirees from military and civilian sectors, individuals receiving social benefits, people with disabilities, and senior citizens residing in Dubai.

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how to apply for esaad card online

Here are how to apply for esaad card online for Members and companies;

📌Apply for esaad card for Members 
  • Visit the ESAAD website.
  • Click on the registration and click on “ESAAD Member Registration”.
  • Input your information.
how to apply for esaad card online
  • Submit your application.
how to apply for esaad card online
📌Apply for esaad card for company

If your company wishes to offer ESAAD membership to employees, follow these steps to register:

◼Check Eligibility:

  • Ensure possession of a valid license to practice the profession.
  • Guarantee the offer duration is at least one year.
  • Confirm the discount percentage is not less than 30%, subject to change based on organizational activities.

◼Prepare Necessary Documents:

  • Attach the organization logo.
  • Provide a detailed list of prices before and after the discount.
  • Include the owner’s passport and ID.
  • Specify that the offer is applicable to all branches inside and outside the country.
how to apply for esaad card online
how to apply for esaad card online

◼Prepare Application Materials:

  • Compile detailed contact information.
  • Include an image of the organization.
how to apply for esaad card online

◼Commit to Providing Statistics:

  • Agree to furnish statistics on the number of beneficiaries with the ESAAD card and the total financial value of the discounts during the contracting period before the end of December.

◼Submit Application:

  • Proceed with the registration process through the Company Registration link on the ESAAD website.

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esaad card benefits

The Esaad Card offers discounts in various categories, including restaurants, healthcare services, retail shops, hotels, and airlines. Here’s a breakdown of the discounts available in each category:


  • Al Faris Floating Restaurant: 50% off
  • Chill Out Ice Lounge Dubai: 35% off
  • Rhain Steakhouse: 35% off
  • Chamas Brazilian Restaurant At Crowne Plaza: 35% off
  • Al Fresco Restaurant At Crowne Plaza: 30% off
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen: 15% off
  • Nando’s: 20% off
  • Romano’s Macaroni Grill: 15% off
  • BurgerFuel: 20% off

Healthcare Services:

  • Discounts range between 10% and 20% on medical services including consultations with doctors, diagnostic tests, and operations.

Retail Shops:

  • Petit Bateau: Up to 25% off
  • Sacoor Kids: Up to 15% off
  • Gymboree: Up to 20% off
  • United Designer: Up to 20% off

Hotel Discounts:

  • Miramar Hotel Bangkok: Up to 40% off
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises: Up to 40% off
  • Four Seasons Hotel Amman: Up to 40% off
  • Avani Deira Hotel: Up to 35% off in Dubai

Airline Discounts:

  • flydubai: 25% off
  • Thai Airways: 20-25% off
  • Etihad Airways: 15-20% off
  • Flynas: Up to 20% off regional travel
  • Emirates Airlines: 10% off flights

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esaad card toll free number

To contact esaad Card support in the United Arab Emirates, you can dial the toll-free number 8000 444 0396. This number is available from 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday. Feel free to reach out for assistance or answers to any questions you may have about the card.

In summary, how to apply for esaad card involves a systematic process tailored to ensure ease of access and maximum benefits for both individuals and companies alike.

Is the Esaad Card free for golden visa holders?

the Esaad Card is provided free of charge to holders of 5-year and 10-year Golden Visas in Dubai

Is Esaad only for Emiratis?

It is open to all residents of Dubai, including Emiratis, GCC nationals, and expatriates.

How do I get an Emirates ID for expats?

You can get get an Emirates ID for expats ICP.

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