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Comprehensive guide of rta nol card balance check online

Comprehensive guide of rta nol card balance check online

rta nol card balance check online has never been easier with the convenience of the RTA official website. By simply visiting the RTA portal, commuters can effortlessly access their NOL card details from anywhere at any time.

rta nol card balance check online

rta nol card balance check online offers commuters a convenient way to stay updated on their card finances. To check your rta nol card balance online, you can follow these Methods:

  • Go to RTA Nol Balance Check website.
  • Click on”Check Nol balance.”
  • Enter your Nol tag ID (found on the backside of the card at the lower bottom of the left-hand side).
Comprehensive guide of rta nol card balance check online
  • Wait for a moment to see your card balance displayed on the screen.

To check your Nol card balance on your mobile:

  • Download the “RTA Dubai” app.
  • Find the “Check Nol Balance” button.
  • Tap the button and enter your Nol tag ID (located on the backside of your Nol card).
  • Press “View Balance.”
  • Your balance will be displayed on the screen within seconds.

Nol card holders can check their balance by following these steps:

  • Go to RTA nol How website
  • Enter your Nol tag ID on the main page.
  • Cick “Search.”
Comprehensive guide of rta nol card balance check online
  • Your remaining balance will appear on the screen.

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nol card balance check with number

You can check your Nol card balance by calling the RTA’s official number:

  • Dial 800-9090.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Press 1 for customer service, then press 1 again for Nol card information.
  • Follow the automated instructions to enter your Nol card number.
  • Wait for the customer service agent to process your request.

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nol card balance check history

This guide provides various methods to check the travel history of your NOL card:

Machines (ATMs):

  • Find an RTA-approved ATM.
  • Insert your card and navigate to the history option on the display.
  • Select the desired range to view your NOL card details.

Metro Stations:

  • Use NOL card readers or ticket vending machines located at metro hubs, bus terminals, and marine stations.
  • Insert your card into the reader machine.
  • Select the “View history” option on the display.
  • Choose the date and time range or a specific range to view your travel history details.

Online via RTA Official Website:

  • Visit the RTA official website.
  • Navigate to the public transport section and select the “NOL” option.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • Find the “Travel history” option to view recent records.

RTA Smart App:

  • Download and install the RTA smart app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Log in with your RTA account or sign up if you don’t have one.
  • Access your profile and go to “Transaction history” to view NOL card travel history.

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    rta nol card recharge online

    Recharging your rta nol card online is a simple and convenient process through the RTA official website.


    • Visit the RTA website, mobile app, or third-party options like Careem PAY.
    • Select your payment method (credit or debit card) to reload your Nol card’s e-wallet.

    RTA Customer Service Centers

    • Visit an RTA Customer Happiness Center (ticket offices across Dubai).
    • Use the Smart Teller Machines available for a quick top-up process.

    Ticket Vending Machines

    • Go to any metro station or bus stop.
    • Use the vending machines, including solar-powered ones at some bus stations, to top up your card.

    Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Machines

    • Locate AFC machines in retail establishments throughout Dubai.
    • Use them as you would a ticket office to reload your Nol card.


    • Visit Emirates NBD or Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank locations.
    • Complete your transaction conveniently at these bank branches.

    rta nol card balance check online service marks a significant leap forward in enhancing commuter convenience and accessibility.

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    How to top up Emirates Islamic nol card?

    You can recharge emiratrs nol card via Mobile Banking, ATMs, or Cash Deposit Machines

    Does a nol card expire?

    nol card is Valid for 5 years.

    What is the age limit for RTA Nol card?

    the age limit for RTA Nol card is from 12 years and above

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