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Comprehensive guide of dubai number plate check online 

Comprehensive guide of dubai number plate check online

Dubai number plate check services offered by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) provide residents with a convenient means to stay informed about their vehicle registration status. Whether accessed through the RTA portal or the Dubai Drive mobile app, these resources empower motorists to easily verify essential details regarding their vehicles.

dubai number plate check online

Dubai number plate check online services allow you to verify vehicle registration details, fines, and other relevant information through the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai. Follow these steps to check dubai number plate:

Visit the RTA Dubai Official Website:

  • Open your web browser and go to the official RTA Dubai website.

Access the Distinguished Plate Numbers Service:

  • Select the service ‘Special Plates Enquiry.’
Comprehensive guide of dubai number plate check online


  • You will need to log in using your UAE Pass or your RTA account credentials.
Comprehensive guide of dubai number plate check online

Enter Plate Details:

  • Plate Category: Select the category of the plate. For privately owned cars, choose ‘private.’
  • Plate Code: Enter the specific code associated with the plate you are interested in.
  • Number of Digits: Specify the number of digits you prefer (from a single digit up to five digits). Note that single digit number plates are particularly highly valued and among the most expensive.
  • Number Combination: Enter the exact serial or combination of numbers you desire on your plate.
  • Amount Willing to Pay (Optional): You can enter the amount you are willing to pay for the desired number plate.

Initiate Search:

  • Click on the ‘Start search’ button to proceed.

Review Results:

  • The system will display the available options based on the details you have provided.

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rta dubai number plate check

To check the availability of a specific vehicle number plate in Dubai through the RTA Dubai Drive app or the official RTA website, follow these steps:

  • For Android: Download the RTA Dubai from the Google Play Store.
  • For iOS: Download the RTA Dubai from the Apple App Store.
  • Open the app and log in using your UAE Pass or RTA account credentials.
  • Go to the ‘Licensing Services’ section within the app.
  • Select “vehicle plate numbers”options.
  • The app will display whether your preferred number is available or not.

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dubai vehicle number plate check online

To search for unique number plates in Dubai via an RTA Customer Happiness Centre, follow these steps:

Step 1 Locate the nearest RTA Customer Happiness Centre.
Step 2Visit the RTA Customer Happiness Centre.
Step 3 Speak with a Customer Service Officer.
Step 4 Provide Necessary Information.
Step 5 Complete Necessary Procedures.

driving with a damaged or missing number plate

It’s illegal to drive without a visible and intact number plate in Dubai. This applies to both front and rear plates.


  • Traffic Fines: Driving without a license plate can result in a fine of AED 3,000.
  • Black Points: Offenders may accumulate 24 black points on their driving license.
  • Vehicle Confiscation: In severe cases, the vehicle may be confiscated for a period of 90 days.

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car number plate dubai check expiry date

To check the expiry date of a car number plate in Dubai, follow these steps on the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) portal:

  • Visit the RTA Portal.
  • Select “Check Vehicle Expiry”.
  • Enter License Plate Number.
  • Submit and View Results.

In conclusion, the dubai number plate check services provided by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) exemplify the commitment to convenience and efficiency in vehicle registration management.

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How to check car owner details in Dubai?

Road and Transport Authority (RTA) Website.

How much is RTA number plate in Dubai?

The charges are AED 35 for short plates, AED 50 for long plates and AED 500 for luxury plates.

How to check RTA test?

You can easily access the service by going to the RTA website, then navigate to the Services option.

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