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A guide of immigration office of sharjah: services, location and contact number

A guide of immigration office of sharjah: services, location and contact number

The immigration office of sharjah, a vital governmental entity, serves as the central hub for managing immigration affairs within the emirate. Situated strategically in the heart of Sharjah, it offers a comprehensive range of services catering to citizens, residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

immigration office of sharjah services

The immigration office of sharjah offers a variety of services to meet the needs of citizens, residents, visitors, and businesses. Some of the key services provided include:

Service CategorySpecific Service
ID Card ServicesFingerprint Capture
Issuance of a New ID Card
ID Card Renewal
ID Card Replacement
Exemption from Late Fines
Customer Service
Card Collection
ID Card Urgent Service
Family Book ServicesIssuance of the Family Book
Editing and Adding Data to the Family Book
Passport ServicesIssue New Passport
Passport Renewal
Passport Replacement
Passport Collection
Entry and Residence Permits ServicesEntry Permission Inquiries
Residence Inquiries
Establishment Registration and Follow-up
Issuance of Establishment Card
Establishment Card Renewal
Cancellation of the Facility Card
Adding a Commercial Activity to the Facility
Edit Facility Data
Other ServicesViolators’ Affairs Services
Leave Permit
Transfer to Court
Payment Services
Other Services
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centers sections of immigration office sharjah

The Immigration Office of Sharjah is organized into several sections, each responsible for specific services:

Identity and Passport Management:
Handles the issuance, renewal, and replacement of ID cards and passports.
Managing Entry and Residence Permits:
Deals with inquiries and processes related to entry permissions and residency permits.
Establishments Registration and Follow-Up Management:
Registers businesses and entities and oversees their compliance with immigration regulations.
Department of Foreign Violators Affairs:
Manages affairs related to foreign violators, including leave permits and legal proceedings.

Finance Branch:
Deals with financial matters such as fee payments and fines.
Tahaluf Al Emarat Technical Solutions Office:
Provides technical solutions and support for various immigration-related processes and systems.

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    sharjah immigration rahmaniya location

    The immigration office in Rahmaniya, Sharjah, is situated at the following address:

    • Sharjah – Airport Street – Bridge No. 6 – Al Rahmaniya area

    sharjah immigration working time

    The working hours for the Sharjah immigration office are as follows:

    • Monday to Thursday: 07:30 – 20:00
    • Friday: 07:30 – 12:00
    • Rush hours are typically from 10:00 to 14:00.

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    sharjah immigration rahmaniya contact number

    The contact number for the Sharjah immigration office in Rahmaniya is 600 522222. This number can be used for inquiries, assistance, or to reach out for any immigration-related matters.

    In conclusion, the immigration office of sharjah stands as a vital institution in facilitating the orderly movement of individuals and businesses within the emirate.

    How can I contact UAE immigration?

    You can contact UAE immigration at 800 5111.

    What is the helpline of Sharjah visa?

    phone – +97146096239 or toll-free number 901.

    How much is a 2 year visa for UAE?

    around 3000 AED to 7000 AED

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