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How to check emirate id card status and replace lost emirates id card

How to check emirate id card status and replace lost emirates id card

The emirate id card, also known as the UAE Identity Card, is an essential document for citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Issued by the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA), it serves as a mandatory proof of identity and residency status. today we will get to learn how to apply emirates id card, how to check emirates id card status, and how to replace a lost emirates id card.

emirate id card

The emirate id card serves as an official proof of identity and residency status for individuals living in the UAE. the key features of the Emirates ID card include:

Personal Information
ID Number
Biometric Data
Smart Chip
Residential Address
Validity Period
Government and Private Transaction Usage

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emirates id card apply online

According to the ICP, here’s how you can apply for an Emirates ID card:

◻Go to the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity (ICP) “from here”.
◻Apply and pay fees.
◻Provide Fingerprint and Signature.
◻Issue residency.
◻Receive Emirates ID.

emirates id card status check

To check the Emirates ID card status via the ICA (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) follow these steps:

Go to the official ICP website “from here”.
Click on the “eServices”.
Choose “ID Card Status Inquiry.”
Provide Specific Information (PRAN).

How to check emirate id card status and replace lost emirates id card

Receive Verification Code via SMS.
Enter the verification code.
You will be able to check the status of your Emirates ID card.

Emirates id card status check by Amer center

↔Visit a typing or Amer center endorsed by the FAIC in person.
↔Ensure you have all original required documents with you.
↔At the center, staff will assist you throughout the application process, which may include completing forms and having your fingerprints scanned for biometrics.
↔Payment of application fees will be required at the center.

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    emirates id card printed is done

    After the Emirates ID card printing is completed, you should track your card using the following steps:

    • Go to the Emirates Post official website “from here”.
    • Access the “Track a Package” Service.
    • Enter the Application or Emirates ID Number.
    • Click “Track”.
    • Check Location.
    • Once your card is ready for collection, you’ll receive instructions via SMS on your registered mobile phone. These instructions will guide you on where and how to collect your Emirates ID card.

    Locating labour card number in emirates id

    To check the labor card number via the MOHRE website, follow these outlined steps:

    • downloaded the MOHRE app onto your device on Google Play “from here”, and App Store “from here”.
    • Use your UAE Pass to log in to the app.
    • Locate and tap on your profile.
    • Locate and Tap on Profile to Find Labour Card Number, Issuance Date, and Expiration Date.

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    how to replace a lost emirates id card

    These steps enable you to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged Emirates ID card:

    • Visit Nearest ICP Customer Happiness Centre.
    • Required Documents for UAE Nationals, GCC Nationals, and Expatriate Residents:
      • UAE Nationals: Original valid passport and family book.
      • GCC Nationals: Document verifying UAE residency.
      • Expatriate Residents: Original passport with a valid residency permit.
      • Lost ID for Children under 15: If the lost ID belongs to a child below 15, provide an original birth certificate and a passport photo of the child against a white background.
    • Complete Application Form.
    • Pay Replacement Fees.
      • Pay AED 300 to replace a lost or damaged ID card, along with application fees of either AED 70 (through typing centers) or AED 40 (via the form on the ICA website).
    • Receive Application Status and Expected Delivery Date via SMS.

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    Emirates ID-Linked Services

    The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security provides a website to enable you to access essential services and information, This website is smartservices.icp.gov.

    How to check emirate id card status and replace lost emirates id card

    In conclusion, emirate id card stands as a cornerstone of identity management and security within the UAE. With its integration of biometric data and personal information, the card ensures accurate identification, smooth access to government services, and enhanced security measures.

    How to get Emirates ID card?

    You can apply for a new Emirates ID card at the website of ICP, or through an accredited typing centre.

    What is Emirates ID card?

    Emirates ID card is the United Arab Emirates’ national identity card issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

    How can I check my Emirates ID is ready?

    you can check the emirates id status by your Application Number (PRAN) or your Emirates ID Number.

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