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what is uid number in uae and how to find it

what is uid number in uae and how to find it

what is uid number in uae? In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the UID (Unified Identification) Number stands as a pivotal component of the country’s administrative infrastructure. This 15-digit identifier is meticulously structured, incorporating details such as the Emirate code, issuance year, and visa number.

what is uid number in uae

what is uid number in uae? the uid (Unified Identification Number) is a unique 15-digit identifier assigned to residents, including both citizens and expatriates. It serves as a primary means of identification for various government and private sector transactions.

The significance of the uid lies in its structured composition, which provides valuable information about an individual’s residency status:

  • Emirate Code: The first three digits of the UID indicate the specific Emirate from which the visa was issued. For example, visas from Abu Dhabi start with 101, Dubai with 201, Sharjah with 301, and Ajman with 401. This information helps identify the jurisdiction responsible for processing the visa application.
  • Year of Issue: The next four digits represent the year the visa was issued. This component offers insight into the timeframe when the residency permit was granted. It aids in organizing and retrieving residency records chronologically.
  • Visa Number: The final 7-9 digits at the end of the UID represent the visa number or residence number. This unique identifier distinguishes one residency permit from another. It is essential for official documentation and transactions within the UAE, such as filling out government forms and accessing services.

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how to check uid number online uae

To obtain a Unified Number (uid) in the UAE, you’ll automatically receive one upon your initial entry into the country with a residency visa. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Arrival in the UAE:

Upon your first arrival in the UAE on a visa leading to residency, the immigration authorities at the entry point (airport, seaport, or land border) will allocate a UID for you. This unique identifier is created as part of your immigration record.

Visa Application and Stamping:

Following your arrival, you’ll undergo medical examinations and submit applications for various processes, including the issuance of your Emirates ID.

Visa Verification:

Once your residency visa is processed and stamped in your passport, your UID will be clearly printed on the visa page

Receipt of Emirates ID:

Upon receiving your Emirates ID, your UID will also be prominently displayed on it.

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how to find uid number in uae online

To verify your uid (Unified Identification) Number online, follow these simple steps:

Step 1
Access the official website gdrfad.gov.ae.
Step 2
Navigate to “E-services”.
Step 3
Choose “Find my UID” from the available options.
Step 4
You will be directed to a page featuring a unified number inquiry service. Here, provide necessary details for the UAE Visa Number Check, including your passport number, nationality, date of birth, and gender.
Step 5
After entering your personal information, click on the “Submit” button.
Step 6
Your UID number will then be displayed, allowing you to access essential identification information.

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uid number in uae visa application requirements

When applying for a uid (Unified Identification) Number in the UAE, the following requirements are typically needed:

☑Passport: A valid passport is essential as it serves as the primary identification document for the applicant.
☑Residence Visa: A valid residence visa is required, indicating the individual’s legal status as a resident in the UAE.
☑Residence Proof: Supporting documentation demonstrating proof of residence, such as a utility bill or rental contract, is necessary to confirm the applicant’s residential address.
☑Identity Proof: Additional identification proof, such as a driver’s license or national ID card, is often requested to verify the applicant’s identity.

what is uid number in uae? In essence, the UID (Unified Identification) Number encapsulates the essence of identity and residency within the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Is the UID number the same as Emirates ID?

The Unified Number (UID) is a mandatory piece of information needed to apply for an Emirati ID.

Can I check my Emirates ID online?

You can check Emirates ID online via (ICP) website.

How long does it take to get Emirates ID?

The EID form is usually available 3-4 days after the medical examination.

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