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vfs switzerland dubai appointment, requirements, tracking and cost

vfs switzerland dubai appointment, requirements, tracking and cost

vfs switzerland dubai serves as a prestigious visa application center, working closely in collaboration with the Swiss Consulate to optimise and expedite visa processes. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the intricate details of securing appointments through VFS Switzerland in Dubai and illuminate the essential requirements for this process.

vfs switzerland dubai appointment

vfs switzerland dubai provides appointment services for Switzerland visas in Dubai.

  • Visit the VFS Global website.
  • Log in to your existing account or create a new one.
  • Choose the visa application center in Dubai.
  • Select the type of appointment: “Short Stay” or “Long Stay.”
  • Specify the relevant sub-category for your appointment.
  • Click on “Continue” to proceed.
  • Provide your personal details, including full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, mobile number, and email.
  • Save your information and click on “Continue” to proceed.
  • Select an available appointment date from the provided options.
  • Choose between morning or evening time slots.
  • Click on “Continue” and review the information you have provided.
  • Pay the required fees for the appointment.
  • Upon successful payment, you will receive an appointment confirmation via email.

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vfs switzerland visa tracking dubai

By following these steps, you can easily monitor the status of your Switzerland visa application through the VFS Switzerland website.

  • Visit the VFS Switzerland website and find the application tracking.
  • Enter your unique “Reference Number” that was provided during the application process.
  • Input your “Last Name” as it appears on your application.
  • Verify the characters displayed in the image for security purposes.
vfs switzerland dubai appointment, requirements, tracking and cost
  • Click the “Submit” button to initiate the tracking of your visa application.

switzerland visa requirements for uae residents

To complete your Switzerland visa application, you must fulfill several requirements. The essential documents needed for a Swiss visa application include:

  • Swiss Visa Application Form: Fill out the application form accurately, ensuring it aligns with the information in your supporting documents.
  • Two Passport Photos: Provide two identical passport photos adhering to the specified requirements for a Swiss Schengen visa.
  • National Passport: Submit your national passport, valid for at least 3 months beyond your intended return date, not older than 10 years, and containing at least two blank pages.
  • Copies of Previous Visas: If you have held visas for Switzerland, the Schengen territory, or any other country, furnish the embassy/consulate with copies of those visas.
  • Round-Trip Flight Itinerary: Include a document displaying your booked flight details, indicating entry and exit dates, flight numbers, and personal information.
  • Proof of Accommodation: Provide evidence of your accommodation arrangements in Switzerland, such as a hotel reservation.
  • Proof of Civil Status: Include documents like a marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, or the death certificate of a spouse to establish your civil status.
  • Proof of Sufficient Financial Means: Demonstrate financial capability by providing evidence of owning at least 100 CHF or 92.34€ per day during your stay. For students, this requirement is reduced to 30 CHF or 27.70€ per day.
  • Cover Letter: Write a personal cover letter explaining the purpose of your visit to Switzerland, the duration of your stay, and other relevant details.
  • Schengen Travel Visa Insurance: Purchase travel medical insurance valid for Switzerland and the entire Schengen Area, with a minimum coverage of €30,000 for medical emergencies.

Additional Swiss Visa Requirements: 


Additional Switzerland visa requirements based on your occupational status are as follows:

If Employed:

Employment contract

Current bank statement for the last 6 months

Leave permission from the employer

Income Tax Return (ITR) form

If Self-employed:

Copy of your business license

Company bank statement for the last 6 months

Income Tax Return (ITR)

If a Student:

Proof of enrollment

No-objection certificate from school or university


If Retired:

Pension statement for the last 6 months

If Applicable:

Proof of regular income generated by a property for the last 6 months


Birth certificate of the traveling minor to Switzerland.

Switzerland visa application form signed by both parents.

Family court order if only one parent has full custody of the child.

Certified copies of ID/passport of both parents.

  • If the minor will be traveling alone with another person:

Original and copy of the accompanying person’s passport page containing the holder’s data, expiry date, a recent photograph, and a valid visa copy.

A notarized parental authorization to travel to Switzerland, signed by both parents/guardians.

Business Visa

An invitation letter from the inviting company/organization in Switzerland, including their detailed address and the specific dates of your visit.

Proof of business ties with the inviting company.

A letter from your employer, outlining the reasons for your travel to Switzerland.

Documentation confirming the financing of your trip. Either the employer or the partner company must explicitly state the coverage of expenses in the invitation or letter.

Study Visa

A no-objection letter from your current educational institution (if applicable).

An internship agreement, which should be signed between the company in Switzerland, the home institution, and the trainee.

Medical Visa

Original letter from a local doctor providing a diagnosis along with a medical report.

Confirmation from the Swiss hospital/doctor indicating an agreement to treat the patient and specifying the expected duration of treatment, along with an estimate of costs.

Proof of advance payment of 50% – a receipt from the Swiss hospital/doctor.

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vfs switzerland dubai checklist

Here is a checklist for a Switzerland visa application from Dubai:

period to get visa switzerland from dubai

The processing time for a short-stay visa to Switzerland is typically within 15 days, although it may be extended to 30 days based on your specific circumstances. In exceptional cases, the process may take up to 60 days, as Swiss embassies may need to consult with other Schengen consulates.

vfs global switzerland dubai cost

The fees for Swiss visas are determined by the Ordinance on fees under the Federal Act on Foreign Nationals (SR 142.209) and the Visa Code. The amounts are to be paid in the currency specified by the Swiss representation.


  • Fee in EUR: 80€
  • Fee in USD: 96$

Children between 6-12 years of age:

  • Fee in EUR: 40€
  • Fee in USD: 48$

Children younger than 6 years of age:

  • Free of charge

Holders of diplomatic, official, or service passports traveling for official purposes:

  • Free of charge

Family members of an EU/EEA national:

  • Free of charge.

Pupils, students, and accompanying teachers during a school trip:

  • Free of charge

Researchers traveling to perform scientific research:

  • Free of charge

Nationals from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia:

  • Fee in EUR: 35€
  • Fee in USD: 42$

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vfs dubai switzerland contact number

For any inquiries or assistance regarding your visa application or related matters, feel free to reach out to VFS Switzerland in Dubai by calling their contact number at +971-4-205-5666.

vfs switzerland dubai location

The Switzerland Visa Application Centre by VFS Global in Dubai is situated at the Joint Visa Application Centre, Wafi Mall, Level 2, Falcon, Phase 2, Umm Hurair 2, Dubai, Northern Emirates.

switzerland visa dubai vfs

The official portal for Switzerland visa applications through VFS in Dubai can be accessed on the website visa.vfsglobal directly.

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In conclusion, vfs switzerland dubai plays a pivotal role in facilitating and expediting the visa application process for individuals seeking to travel to Switzerland.

How long does it take to get visit visa for Switzerland from Dubai?

Processing the visa application at the Switzerland Embassy takes a minimum of 15 calendar days from the next working day.

Can I reschedule my VFS appointment if needed?

Yes, you can reschedule your VFS appointment in Dubai.

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