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unemployment insurance fine check online step by step

unemployment insurance fine check online

Performing unemployment insurance fine check online offers UAE residents a streamlined way to clarify their financial responsibilities. Government-provided online platforms enable easy access to unemployment insurance records, facilitating verification of any associated fines.

iloe insurance

The ILOE insurance scheme serves as a safety net for employees in the UAE’s private and federal government sectors, offering compensation for up to three months in the event of job termination.

unemployment insurance fine check online by MOHRE app

unemployment insurance fine check online are done through the following steps:

Step 1:
Obtain the MOHRE app from your app store. Log in using UAE Pass and select the ’employee’ option. Enter your labor card number or locate it within the app if needed.
Step 2:
Navigate to ILOE Quick Pay: Within the app, locate ‘ILOE Quick Pay.’ Choose your ID type (e.g., Emirates ID or labor card number), input necessary details, and tap ‘Search.’
Step 3:
Review any fines. If there are none, you’re all clear. If fines are present, you can pay them instantly online using your card or opt for instalment payments.

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unemployment insurance uae fine

To access unemployment insurance online through MOHRE, follow these steps::

  • Visit MOHRE Platform:
    • Access the MOHRE platform.
  • Navigate to ILOE Quick Pay:
    • Locate and enter the ILOE Quick Pay section.
  • Input Details:
    • Provide your Emirates ID and labor card number.
  • Conduct Search:
    • Perform a search to identify any associated fines.
  • Review Results:
    • Any fines found will be displayed alongside the individual’s name, fine date, and outstanding amount.
unemployment insurance fine check online

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unemployment insurance uae app

For accessing unemployment insurance in the UAE, utilize the dedicated app available.

📌Play Storedownload the Dubai insurance app “from here” directly.
📌App Storedownload the Dubai insurance app “from here” directly.

iloe unemployment insurance website

The website for accessing the ILOE (Individuals’ Loss of Employment) unemployment insurance is

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In summary, unemployment insurance fine check online streamlines the process of managing financial obligations for individuals.

How do I get my money from ILOE insurance?

The ILOE portal (
The ILOE mobile APP.
The ILOE call center at 600599555.

How can I get my work permit number in UAE?

Use the MoHRE app by signing in with your UAE pass.

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