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uae automatic driving license to manual

uae automatic driving license to manual

uae automatic driving license grants individuals the legal authorisation to operate vehicles equipped with automatic transmission systems. Obtaining an automatic driving license involves fulfilling several requirements, including meeting the age criteria, holding a valid residency visa, and passing both theoretical and practical driving tests.

uae automatic driving license features

The features of a uae automatic driving license typically include:

When obtaining your driving license in the UAE, you can choose between automatic or manual car driving lessons.

If you opt for automatic driving lessons and pass, you’ll receive an automatic driving license.

It’s important to note that holders of automatic driving licenses are only allowed to drive automatic cars.

Successfully completing automatic driving instruction results in the issuance of an automatic driving license, indicating proficiency in operating automatic vehicles.

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can manual license holders drive automatic in uae

A driver with a manual license has the authorisation to operate vehicles with both automatic and manual transmissions. However, those with an automatic license are restricted to driving vehicles equipped solely with automatic transmission systems.

requirement for uae automatic driving license

To obtain an automatic driving license in the UAE, you typically need to fulfil these requirements:

  • Submit a photocopy of your passport along with the page showing your residence visa.
  • Present both the original and a photocopy of your Emirates ID card.
  • Provide two recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Obtain a report confirming your eye test results.
  • If necessary, procure a no objection letter from your sponsor (if applicable as per the traffic department’s regulations).
uae automatic driving license to manual

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who need to convert uae automatic driving license into manual

Residents with a valid driver’s license from the following countries can easily convert their license to driving license:

who need to convert uae automatic driving license

GCC countries










Hong Kong





New Zealand






South Africa


South Korea







To convert a UAE automatic driving license to a manual one, follow these steps:

  • Visit the website of Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) at
  • Navigate to the section for booking a road test for manual driver’s license conversion.
  • Schedule your road test appointment.
  • Attend the road test at the designated driving center.
  • Successfully pass the road test to obtain your manual driver’s license.
  • No additional training lessons are required for the conversion process.

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uae automatic driving license price

For automatic driving licenses in the UAE:


  • Regular Shift(s): AED 4645
  • Night Shift(s): AED 4785
  • Weekend Shift(s): AED 5845
  • Flexible Shift(s): AED 5765

☑2-5 years:

  • Regular Shift(s): AED 4025
  • Night Shift(s): AED 4125
  • Weekend Shift(s): AED 4625
  • Flexible Shift(s): AED 4825

☑5 years:

  • Regular Shift(s): AED 3505
  • Night Shift(s): AED 3565
  • Weekend Shift(s): AED 3865
  • Flexible Shift(s): AED 3985
uae automatic driving license to manual

In conclusion, the automatic driving license in the UAE serves as a pivotal tool for residents seeking convenient and accessible transportation solutions.

Which driving licenses are accepted in UAE?

Both automatic and manual driving licenses are accepted in UAE.

Can I drive automatic with a manual license?

Yes you can drive automatic with a manual license.

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