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track uae golden visa application status in 2 minutes

track uae golden visa application status in 2 minutes

Tracking golden visa application status is simple and essential for staying informed about its progress. In this article we will provide how to track golden visa application status online in uae and the golden visa cost.

uae golden visa: new rules

individuals who own property worth Dh2 million or more may soon benefit from an expedited Golden Visa renewal process. This new approach was revealed during the UAE Innovates exhibition, where officials discussed integrating the land departments of each emirate with the ICP portal. This integration aims to simplify the visa issuance for eligible property owners, signaling a significant advancement in the government’s efforts to streamline the Golden Visa process.

track uae golden visa application status online

here are the steps to track your golden visa application status with different wording and phrasing while maintaining the same meaning:

Step 1: Visit ICP website.

Step 2: Locate the Services section and click “golden visa Services.”

Step 3: Select “apply for golden visa”.

track golden visa application status uae in 2 minutes

Step 4: Click on application tracking.

track golden visa application status uae in 2 minutes

Step 5: Enter your information.

track golden visa application status uae in 2 minutes

Step 6: Click on search.

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    check golden visa application status

    To check the Golden Visa application status, follow these steps:

    Begin by visiting the official website “icp” and locate the services section.

    Find and select “Golden Visa” from the options provided.

    Proceed by indicating your profession or career field.

    Choose the specific type of Golden Visa.

    Input all the necessary information as prompted.

    After completing the information, move on to the next step to review your application details.

    If applicable, settle any outstanding fines or fees associated with the visa application process.

      uae golden visa processing time

      The processing time for a UAE Golden Visa typically falls within the range of 2 to 4 weeks.

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      10-year golden visa uae cost

      The cost of acquiring a 10-year Golden Visa in the UAE varies depending on several factors such as the type of visa and associated fees.

      • Cost of a new 10-year Golden Visa in 2024: 2,657 AED
      • Additional fees not included in the above cost:
        • Medical check: 700 AED
        • Emirates ID: 1,153 AED
      • If your application for the Golden Visa is rejected:
        • You will receive a refund of 60% of the total cost.
        • Refund amount: 1,680 AED

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      uae golden visa price

      The cost of obtaining a UAE Golden Visa varies based on the specific visa category. However, for both the 5 and 10-year duration, the general pricing structure is as follows:

      Visa Category5/10-Year Golden Visa Cost (AED)
      Real Estate Investor Visa2,000,000
      Public Investor Visa5,000,000
      Entrepreneur and Startup Owner Visa500,000
      Exceptional Talents Visa500,000
      Scientists Visa500,000
      Skilled Professionals Visa250,000
      Student Visa100,000
      Humanitarian Pioneers Visa100,000
      Doctors and Nurses Visa100,000
      Exceptional Coders Visa100,000

      In conclusion, keeping track of your golden visa application status is vital for staying informed and ensuring a smooth application process.

      Can Golden Visa holder stay outside UAE?

      Golden Visa holders, along with certain other categories, have the privilege of staying outside the UAE for more than six months without affecting their residence permit status.

      How do I check my visa status using my passport number?

      Step 1: Visit the service portal.
      Step 2: Select Passport Information and select the Type as Visa.
      Step 3: Enter the Passport No and the Passport Expiry Date along with the Nationality.
      Step 4: Check the Captcha Checkbox.

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