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switch uae driving license automatic to manual in 2 minutes

switch uae driving license automatic to manual in 2 minutes

Transitioning from an uae driving license automatic to manual is a simple process that allows individuals to broaden their driving capabilities. Those holding an automatic license are restricted from operating manual vehicles on the road. In this article we will provide how to switch your uae driving license automatic to manual.

uae driving license automatic to manual

To switch uae driving license automatic to manual; follow these steps:

1️⃣ Access RTA Website: 

Begin by visiting the RTA website.

2️⃣ Enter License Information: 

Input your driver’s license details, including the license number.

3️⃣ Receive OTP: 

Upon submission, an OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to your registered mobile number.

4️⃣ Select Conversion Option: 

Choose the option to convert your automatic license to a manual one.

5️⃣ Confirm Appointment: 

A driving institute will contact you to confirm your test appointment.

6️⃣ Take the Test: 

Expect a call from the chosen driving center to confirm your test appointment.

7️⃣ License Amendment: 

Upon passing the manual road test, the driving center will assist in amending your driver’s license from automatic to manual.

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need to convert uae automatic driving license into manual

To transition from an automatic to a manual UAE driving license, you’re required to undergo a manual driving test. Unlike some countries, driving classes are not compulsory in the UAE. Simply apply for a driving test through the RTA and successfully pass it at your selected driving center to complete the conversion process.

how to check uae driving license manual or automatic

Verifying the validity of your uae driving license is a straightforward process that involves several simple steps:

Begin by accessing the website.

Choose the option “Driving License.”

switch uae driving license automatic to manual in 2 minutes

Input your driving license number and issuance date into the corresponding fields.

Click on”I am not a robot.”

Proceed by clicking on the “more information” section.

Capture a screenshot confirming the validity of your driving license.

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uae automatic driving license price

Converting from automatic to manual typically incurs a road test fee of around AED 300. Additional service fees to the driving institute may apply, slightly increasing the overall cost.

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manual driving license

Selecting a manual driving license offers several compelling reasons:

◼Greater Control: Manual transmission provides better control over gear selection and engine power.

◼Skill Development: Learning to drive manual enhances coordination skills and deepens understanding of vehicle mechanics.

◼Flexibility: Manual license holders can operate both manual and automatic vehicles, offering flexibility in various driving situations.

◼Cost Savings: Manual cars often have lower purchase and maintenance costs compared to automatic ones, potentially saving money in the long run.

In conclusion, transitioning from an uae driving license automatic to manual offers individuals the opportunity to expand their driving skills and capabilities.

Which license is better in UAE manual or automatic?

Yes you can.

How many tests are in a Dubai driving license?

There are 3 driving test categories in Dubai.

What is the different between uae driving license manual and automatic

 a manual license holder can drive both gear vehicles, automatic and manual.

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