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sharjah police fines check online: Simple Guide

sharjah police fines check online: Simple Guide

sharjah police fines are imposed for violations of traffic regulations and other infractions within the emirate. These fines serve as a deterrent to ensure road safety and maintain order in the community. The Sharjah Police Department employs various means to enforce these fines, including electronic monitoring systems and on-the-ground patrols.

sharjah police fines check online

The process for handling sharjah police fines typically involves several steps:

  • Go to the official website of the Sharjah Police Portal.
  • Click on Traffic fine, this button will direct you to an MOI UAE.
sharjah police fines check: Simple Guide
  • Select “Traffic Fines Payment”.
sharjah police fines check: Simple Guide
  • Enter your traffic file number.
  • Click on “Search”.

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sharjah traffic fine check by plate number online

To check your sharjah police fines by plate number, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Sharjah Police website.
  • Navigate to the “Traffic Services” tab.
  • Select Traffic fine; This button will direct you to an MOI UAE.
  • Select “Traffic Fines Payment”.
  • Enter your vehicle plate number
  • Click on “Search”.

sharjah police traffic fines by police app

Individuals have the ability to check Sharjah police traffic fines, through following these steps:

sharjah police fines check: Simple Guide
  • Download Sharjah police app.
  • Go to the “Traffic Services” section in the app.
  • Choose the option titled “Traffic Fine Payment.”
  • Input either your traffic file number or vehicle plate number.
  • Tap the “Search” button to continue.

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sharjah police traffic fines check

To check your Sharjah traffic fines in person, you can visit any of the following Sharjah Police stations:

  • Al Suyoh Comprehensive Police Station.
  • Al Buhairah Comprehensive Police Station.
  • Al Gharb Comprehensive Police Station.
  • Wasit Comprehensive Police Station.
  • Industrial Area Comprehensive Police Station.
  • Al Sajja Comprehensive Police Station.
  • University City Police Station.
  • Al Qusais Police Station.
  • Khor Fakkan Police Station.
  • Kalba Police Station.

sharjah police fine payment

To make a payment for fines issued by Sharjah Police, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Sharjah Police.
  • Navigate to the “Traffic Services” section.
  • Choose the option for “Traffic Fines Payment.”
  • Input either your traffic file number or vehicle plate number.
  • Click on the “Search” button.
  • Review and select the fines you wish to settle.
  • Proceed to the “Pay Now” option.
  • Enter your payment details, including credit or debit card information.
  • Complete the payment process by clicking on the “Pay” button.

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List of uae sharjah fines

Here is a list of fines in Sharjah for various violations:

ViolationFineBlack PointsVehicle Impounding
Driving under the influence of alcoholDecided by court2360 Days
Driving under the influence of drugsDecided by court60 Days
Causing someone’s deathDecided by court2360 Days
Causing a serious accidentDecided by court60 Days
Exceeding speed limits by 20km/hour or lessAED 300
Exceeding speed limits by 30km/hour or lessAED 600
Exceeding speed limits by 40km/hour or lessAED 700
Exceeding speed limits by 50km/hour or lessAED 1000
Exceeding the speed limit by 60km/hour or lessAED 20001230 Days
Exceeding the speed limit by 80km/hour or lessAED 30002360 Days
Crossing red light on a motorcycleAED 10001230 Days
Not wearing a helmet by the riderAED 5004
Not wearing a helmet the passengerAED 5004
Driving a vehicle with an expired driving licenseAED 50047 Days
Not carrying the driver licenseAED 400
Driving with a driving license issued by a foreign country (non-permitted)AED 400
Children under 10 or smaller than 145cm can sit in the front of a carAED 400
Fixing child seats in vehicles for children younger than 4 years of ageAED 400
Improper parkingAED 500
Parking in front of the fire hydrant placesAED 10006
Park in spaces designated for people with special requirementsAED 10006
Not fastening the driver’s seatbeltAED 4004
Seatbelts not fastened for all passengersAED 4004
Running away from the traffic policemenAED 800 (light vehicle), AED 1000 (heavy vehicle)30 Days
Not stopping when causing a small accidentAED 50087 Days
Driving a vehicle without platesAED 30002390 Days
Carrying inflammable or hazardous materials without permissionAED 30002460 Days
Driving in a way that jeopardises the driver’s safetyAED 200060 Days
Driving in such a manner as to cause damage to public and private propertyAED 200060 Days
Entering the vehicle into a prohibited areaAED 10008
Crossing red lightAED 10001230 Days
Blocking traffic without causeAED 1000
When the driver of a school bus activates the stop sign, the driver does not stopAED 100010
Priority or giving way to emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, or official conveyancesAED 10006
Driving a vehicle that causes pollutionAED 10006
Throwing wastes from vehicles onto the roadsAED 10006
Using mobile while drivingAED 8004
Driving the vehicle against the traffic directionAED 60067 Days
Wrong overtakingAED 6006

Sharjah fine discount

To qualify for a discount on Sharjah traffic fines, you need to settle them within 60 days from the date of the violation. The discount rates are as follows:

☑A 50% discount is applicable if fines are paid within 30 days of the violation.
☑Fines paid between 31 and 60 days from the violation date are eligible for a 35% discount.

Sharjah Police contact

To reach out to the Sharjah Police, you can dial their General Directorate at +971 6 563 2222 for assistance.

Sharjah Police website

You can access the Sharjah Police website through the following link: Sharjah Police directly. or by downloading Sharjah Police for app store” from here” or for play store”from here” directly.

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In conclusion, sharjah police fines play a crucial role in upholding law and order within the Emirate.

How can I check my Sharjah traffic fines?

The best way is to access the Sharjah Police website. 

How can I pay my Sharjah traffic fines?

Pay your Sharjah traffic fines online through the Sharjah Police website or app, via kiosks, or by visiting a police station. 

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