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rta plate number search dubai online and offline

rta plate number search dubai online and offline

The rta plate number search service provides a convenient platform for individuals in Dubai to explore and select unique vehicle plate numbers. Through either the rta Dubai Drive app or the official website, users can effortlessly browse through a variety of available plate numbers.

The rta plate number search service allows individuals in Dubai to easily find and select vehicle plate numbers:

  • Go to the official RTA Dubai website and select the service titled “Inquire about plate numbers.”
  • Choose Individual or Corporate.
rta plate number search dubai online and offline
  • Enter your details by using one of the options.
  • Click on “Start search.”
rta plate number search dubai online and offline

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To check plate number Through Customer Happiness Centers, follow these steps:

Visit the nearest Customer Happiness Center or Vehicle Registration and Inspection Center.
Enquire about the availability of special plate numbers.
Select the desired plate number from the available options and Check all necessary information

rta plate number search dubai

Here are the steps to search for unique number plates in Dubai using the RTA Dubai Drive app or website:

  • Download the RTA Dubai Drive app.
  • Navigate to the Licencing Services section to access the available vehicle plate numbers.
  • Input your desired number combinations to make an inquiry.
  • The system will display information regarding the availability or unavailability of your preferred number.

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apply for purchasing a plate number

To apply for purchasing a special plate number via the website, follow these steps:

  • Log in using your UAE Pass or provided username and password.
  • Navigate to the Licensing Services section.
  • Choose the option for My Plates (Request for special plate).
  • Provide all necessary details as requested.
  • Complete the payment process using a credit card.
  • Receive the ownership certificate and receipts via email and SMS.

apply for changing the plate number

Here’s a step-by-step guide to Apply for changing the plate number:

  • The customer can log in using either their UAE Pass or their username and password on the website.
  • Once logged in, the customer navigates to the Licensing Services section.
  • The customer selects the option for My Plates, which may lead to further details or options related to their vehicle plates.
  • The customer fills in all the required details related to their vehicle and plate requirements as prompted by the website.
  • Approval via UAE Pass.
  • The customer settles the necessary fees using a credit card transaction facilitated through the website.
  • The customer receives a payment receipt via the website.
  • The ownership certificate and any additional receipts are sent electronically to the customer through the website or email.
  • The customer then visits one of the designated service centers from the provided list to collect their new plates. At the service center, they surrender their old plates as necessary.

This process ensures a streamlined and digital experience for customers seeking licensing services related to vehicle plates, from application to collection.

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rta plate number price

The charges for the RTA number plate replacement service in the UAE vary depending on the type of plate:

Type of PlateService Charge
Short Plates➡➡AED 35
Long Plates➡➡AED 50
Luxury Plates➡➡AED 500

rta plate number search websites

You can check the RTA Plate Number Search service through the following link: or Download the RTA Dubai Drive app (available on Android and iOS) or visit their official website.

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In conclusion, the RTA plate number search service provided in the UAE offers a convenient and efficient way for individuals to access essential information regarding vehicle registration.

How much is RTA number plate Dubai?

Fees charged for RTA number plate change

✅Short plate – AED 35.
✅Long plate – AED 50.
✅Dubai branded plates – AED 200.
✅Expo branded plates – AED 200.

How to check vehicle list in RTA?

Enter the data to search in the search bar.
Press Enter.
The list will re-display with all the line items that contain a matching result.

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