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nol rta card balance check online in 2 seconds

nol rta card balance check online

Nol rta card balance check online online is a convenient and efficient way to manage your public transportation expenses in Dubai. in this article we will provide how to check rta nol card balance and nol card types.

rta card balance check online in uae

Nol rta card balance check provide a convenient way for Dubai residents and visitors to manage their public transportation expenses.

  • Go to the “” directly by clicking on the provided link.
  • Navigate to the “Check Nol Balance” option.
nol rta card balance check online
  • Enter the card number located on the back of your Nol card.
nol rta card balance check online
  • Click on the search button to view your Nol card balance, pending credit, and expiry date. Make sure your balance is at least 7.5 AED before using it for travel.

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rta nol card balance check online via rta dubai app

here’s a version of the steps using different words:

Download RTA Dubai App.
Open the app and go to the “NOL” section.
Enter your Nol card number and PIN as prompted.
Select the “View Transactions” option to access your travel history.

how to check rta nol card balance via call center

To check your Nol card balance via the RTA’s call center, follow these steps:

  • Dial the RTA’s official 7-digit number: 800-9090.
  • Choose your preferred language (Arabic or English) when prompted.
  • Press 1 for customer service, then press 1 again for Nol card information.
  • Follow the automated instructions to inquire about your balance by entering your Nol card number.
  • Wait for the customer service agent to process your request.
  • The agent will then provide you with the details of your card’s balance.

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rta bus card balance check online

Here are the steps to check your RTA bus card balance online:

Step 1 Locate the nearest vending machine available at a Dubai metro station.
Step 2 Insert your Nol Card into the designated card reader slot on the machine.
Step 3 Select the “Check Balance” option from the menu displayed on the screen.
Step 4 Wait briefly while the machine processes your request.
Step 5 Your Nol Card balance will then be shown on the screen for your reference.

nol card balance types

The following table provides details on the different types of nol card (Silver, Golden, Red and Personal Card:

Card TypeDescriptionCost
Silver CardCommonly used for daily commuting on RTA transportation and non-transport services.Dh25 upfront fee, includes Dh19 credit
Gold CardProvides access to a separate cabin in the metro and tram, with fares double the regular amount. Grants access to all RTA transport modes.Dh25 upfront fee, includes Dh19 credit
Red TicketA disposable paper ticket suitable for tourists or occasional metro users, valid for one mode of transport (metro, bus, tram) at a time.Dh2 per ticket
Personal CardOffers concession fares, linked to Emirates ID for balance recovery if lost or stolen. Users can top up credit online. Provides access to all RTA transport modes.Dh70 for the card, plus Dh20 credit website

You can check your RTA card balance by visiting the following link: RTA Card Balance Check or Download RTA Dubai App from either the iOS App Store “from here” or Google Play “from here” directly.

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nol rta card balance check online

In conclusion, the rta card balance check online service is a valuable tool for commuters in Dubai, offering convenience and accessibility.

How do I check the expiration date of my nol card online?

Go to
Click on ‘Public Transport’
Click on ‘Nol Cards and services’
Click on ‘Nol Card transaction history’
Enter your Nol Tag ID.
Click ‘Next’

What is the best nol card in Dubai?

The best Nol Card for tourists in Dubai is the Silver Nol Card.

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