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how to update emirates id in uae pass

how to update emirates id in uae pass

how to update emirates id in uae pass? and how to Update Emirates ID In Etisalat Machine? The Emirates ID serves as the primary proof of identity for both UAE citizens and residents and is issued by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Ports Security. Given its significance, maintaining accurate information on your Emirates ID is crucial.

uae pass definitions

The UAE Pass is a secure digital identity system in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It serves as the first approved and unified national digital identity for all citizens, residents, and visitors in the UAE. This digital identity allows individuals to access a wide range of services provided by the government, semi-governmental organizations, and private sector entities through the internet. Users can log in to affiliated websites and applications, and they also have the ability to digitally sign documents electronically, which can save them significant time and effort compared to traditional methods that require physical visits to service centers.

The primary goal of the UAE Pass is to enhance customer satisfaction and improve the overall experience of citizens, residents, and visitors when interacting with government and private sector services. It grants access to over 6,000 services offered by various agencies across the Emirates, simplifying the process of accessing and utilizing these services.

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how to update emirates id in uae pass

these steps how to update emirates id in uae pass:

you can update your emirates id in uae pass:

  • You can request changes to your Emirates ID details such as name, current occupation, employer name, passport details, or nationality through the official ICP website or their app.
  • you will need to provide the following documents:
    • A colored passport photograph.
    • Passport copy.
    • Current Emirates ID copy (front and back).
    • A signed letter from your sponsor regarding the requested changes.
  • log in using your UAE Pass account.
how to update emirates id in uae pass
  • Once logged in, select “Update Personal Information” and make the necessary changes.
  • There is a fee of AED 200 associated with this service.
  • Ensure that all the information you provide is accurate.
  • The update process may trigger a request for a new Emirates ID card if changes are made to residency information.

To update your Emirates ID online in the UAE, follow these steps:

Step 1: Set up your UAE Pass app and account

  • Download the UAE Pass app on your smartphone.
  • Create a verified UAE Pass account. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this on their official website or app.
  • Ensure that your valid Emirates ID is linked to the UAE Pass app.

Step 2: Register the new Emirates ID on Etisalat’s app

  • Download the ‘My Etisalat’ app, available on Apple, Android, and Huawei devices.
  • Log in to the ‘My Etisalat’ app using your UAE Pass credentials.
  • Confirm the login on the UAE Pass app when prompted.
  • Click on the ‘Update Now’ link.
  • Tap on Continue with UAE Pass.
  • Choose the account you want to update and tap ‘agree and continue.
  • In the ‘UAE Pass’ app, accept the request for Etisalat to access your Emirates ID by tapping ‘Allow Document Sharing.’
  • Return to the Etisalat app, review your details, add your mobile number, and tap ‘Submit.’
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation SMS from Etisalat.
  • Etisalat will also provide you with a request ID to track the status.
  • you will receive a final confirmation SMS from Etisalat, indicating that your mobile number is now linked to your renewed Emirates ID.

here are the steps for updating your Emirates ID using the Du app and UAE Pass:

  • Open the Du app on your on your Apple or Android and log in using your UAE Pass credentials.
  • Tap on the menu icon, which typically appears as three lines at the bottom of your mobile screen.
  • Select ‘Update ID’ from the menu options, and then tap ‘Login with UAE Pass.’
  • Choose the mobile numbers that you want to renew and proceed by tapping ‘Continue with UAE Pass.’
  • The UAE Pass app will open on your phone.
  • tap ‘Proceed.’
  • You will receive a notification from the Du app indicating that your request for the Emirates ID update is being processed. Once Du validates your Emirates ID information, you will receive an SMS from Du confirming the completion of the mobile registration renewal.

To update your Emirates ID with Virgin Mobile, you can follow these steps through the Virgin Mobile UAE app:

  • Download the Virgin Mobile UAE app on your Apple or Android, and log in to your profile.
  • Tap on the ‘More’ option, typically represented by three dots, located at the bottom of your mobile screen. Then, tap on your name.
  • tap on ‘Update your ID.’
  • Select the mobile numbers you wish to update, and then tap ‘Continue.’
  • Use the app to scan the front and back of your Emirates ID.
  • Review the information you’ve provided, and when you’re satisfied, tap ‘Continue.’

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how to register uae pass

To register for the UAE Pass digital identity, you can follow these steps:

  • Download the UAE Pass app.
  • open it and use your device’s camera to scan your Emirates ID card.
  • Verify your email and phone number by receiving and entering a One Time Password (OTP).
  • Set up a personal identification number (PIN).
  • set a new password for digital signatures. This is important for electronically signing documents.

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Documents are required for emirates id update in the uae

To update your Emirates ID in the UAE, you will need different documents depending on your category (UAE citizens, GCC residents, or expatriates). Here is a list of the required documents for each category:

Documents Required for UAE Citizens:

  • Original UAE ID Card.
  • Supporting documents to verify data.
  • A valid medical report from the Ministry of Health or UAE health authority to exempt people with determination or the elderly from ID card issuance fees.
  • Social insurance certificate attested from the Ministry of Community Development (for those benefiting from social insurance) to be exempted from the ID card issuance fees.
  • Original Power of Attorney (POA) for the person acting on behalf of the customer if the competent person is absent, and a third party applies.

Documents Required for GCC Residents and Expatriates:

  • Supporting documents to update data.
  • Original diplomatic or consular cards, membership cards of international organizations for heads and members of diplomatic and consular missions and international organizations existing in the country to be exempted from ID card issuance fees.
  • A valid medical report from the Ministry of Health or UAE health authority (to exempt people with determination).
  • Original Power of Attorney (POA) for the person acting on behalf of the customer if the competent person is absent, and a third party submits the application.
  • Document proving residency in the country.

uae pass link

The UAE PASS link, accessible at uaepass, serves as the gateway to a world of digital convenience and security for citizens and residents in the United Arab Emirates.

how to update emirates id in uae pass

uae pass app

The UAE Pass application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to download the app from the following platforms:

  • App Store (for iOS devices) from here” 
  • Google Play (for Android devices)“from here” 

Technical Support of uae pass

For technical support or to seek additional information, you can reach out to the Digital Identity team at the following contact number: 600561111. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing assistance and information round the clock.

how to update emirates id in uae pass is a modern and user-friendly approach to managing personal information in the United Arab Emirates. This digital platform not only simplifies the process but also aligns with the nation’s vision of embracing technology to enhance citizen services.

How can I upload my Emirates ID in UAE pass?

Download the app.
Scan your Emirates ID.
Verify your email and phone number with One Time Password (OTP)
Create a PIN.
Verify your account using face recognition feature.
Set the new password for digital signatures.

How do I check my Emirates ID update?

Visit the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) website at

Can I update my Emirates ID online?

UAE residents can now update their Emirates ID details onlineThrough the authority’s user-friendly digital platforms

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