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How to apply singapore visa for uae residents

How to apply singapore visa for uae residents

Getting singapore visa for uae residents is a crucial step. With the Singapore embassy in the UAE not directly handling visa applications, residents can opt for authorised visa agents or leverage local contacts in Singapore for assistance. This guide aims to simplify the application journey, providing a comprehensive overview for UAE residents seeking to obtain a Singapore visa.

requirements of singapore visa for uae residents

Here are types of singapore visa for uae residents:

singapore tourist visa for uae residents

A Singapore tourist visa is a short-term pre-entry permission that allows travellers to visit Singapore for leisure, sightseeing, social, or family visits.

Completed and signed visa application form 14A.
Two passport-size color photographs (white background, 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm) taken within the last 3 months.
Original and copy of a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity.
Original signed and stamped salary certificate from the employer.
Confirmed onward or return ticket.
Proof of accommodation.
A Letter of Introduction (LOI) form V39A from a local contact in Singapore may be required for some travellers.

singapore visit visa for uae residents

To get Singapore Visit Visa from Dubai, you need these Documents Required:

Original Passport:Ensure your passport is valid.
UAE Residence Visa Copy:Provide a copy of your UAE residence visa.
Passport Size Photo:Submit one passport-size photo with a white background in both hard copy and soft copy (high-definition quality).
NOC Letter from Employer or Sponsor:Include an original No Objection Certificate (NOC) letter from your current employer or sponsor. The correct format will be provided.
Trade License Copy (if applicable):If you are a business partner in the UAE, provide a copy of the trade license.
Letter of Invitation (for non-Indian and non-Chinese nationals):Except for Indian and Chinese nationals, applicants from all other nationalities are required to provide a letter of invitation.

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how to apply singapore visa from dubai and abu dhabi

To apply for a Singapore visa as a resident of the UAE, the Singapore embassy or consulate in the UAE does not directly process visa applications. Instead, applicants have two options:

  • The following visa agents are authorized by the Embassy of Singapore in the UAE:

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apply singapore e visa for uae residents

UAE residents can obtain singapore e visa by following these steps:

Step 1: Document Submission

Step 2: Visa Fee Payment

  • Pay the visa fee using a valid credit or debit card, or any preferred payment method.

Step 3: Submission of Application & Documents

  • Once the visa fee is paid, our visa experts will review and verify your documents before timely submission to the Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in the UAE.

Step 4: Visa Approval and Passport Collection

  • Track your visa application status online. The processing time is three to five working days. Upon approval, your Singapore Visa will be sent to your registered email. Original documents, including the passport, will be couriered to your address or a designated collection point.

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In conclusion, the process of applying for a singapore visa for uae residents involves careful navigation through the available options, be it through authorised visa agents or local contacts in Singapore.

Do UAE residents need visa to Singapore?

Nationalities living in the UAE must apply for a tourist visa to travel to Singapore from their resident country.

How long does it take to get Singapore visa?

Your visa application will be processed between 3 to 5 working days. Some applications may take longer to process.

Which season is best for Singapore?

 The best time to visit Singapore is from December to June. 

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