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how to apply adib cash back credit card online

how to apply adib cash back credit card online

The adib cash back credit card offers an array of benefits tailored to fit various lifestyle needs. With a competitive cashback program, cardholders can earn rewards on everyday purchases, including groceries, fuel, dining, education expenses, and utility payments.

adib credit card cash back offers

The adib credit card cash back a range of benefits tailored to various spending categories:

  • 4% Cashback Categories: Supermarket & Grocery spendsFuel & Automobile spendsSchool/Education paymentsDining & Restaurant spendsUtility paymentsEach category has a maximum cashback cap per month to consider.
  • Maximum Monthly Cashback Cap:
    • AED 1,000 per month is the maximum amount you can earn in cashback.
  • Flexible Cash Withdrawal:
    • You have the option to withdraw 100% of your finance limit as cash, providing flexibility in managing your finances.
  • Grace Period:
    • Enjoy a free grace period of up to 55 days to repay your outstanding balance, helping you manage your cash flow more effectively.
  • Supplementary Cards:
    • Receive four free supplementary cards, extending the benefits to family members or trusted individuals.

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how to apply adib cash back credit card

To apply adib cash back credit card, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of ADIB.
  • Find the section dedicated to the ADIB Cashback Credit Card.
  • Look for the button labeled “Apply Now” and click on it.
how to apply adib cash back credit card online
  • Fill out the required contact information in the provided form.
how to apply adib cash back credit card online
how to apply adib cash back credit card online
  • Review the information you’ve entered to ensure accuracy.
  • Once satisfied, click on the “Submit” button to send your application.

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adib cashback credit card salary requirements

For the ADIB Cashback Credit Card, you’ll need to prepare the following documents:

  • Make sure you have your valid passport and Emirates ID, both the original and a copy.
  • Gather your bank account statement from the past three months.
  • Obtain a recent salary certificate from your current employer, issued within the last 30 days.

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adib cash back credit card fees and charges

Here are the fees and charges associated with the adib cashback credit card:

  • Covered Card Annual Fee: AED 99 per year.
  • 5th Supplementary Card Annual Fee: AED 99 per year.
  • Monthly Profit Rate: 3.75% on outstanding balances.

adib credit card customer care

Use adib Online Banking at adib.ae to check your card statement and make transactions.

Chat with us anytime on whatsApp at +971600543216 for quick and secure assistance.Go eco-friendly by receiving your statements via email with e-statements.

In conclusion, the adib cash back credit card offers a comprehensive suite of benefits designed to cater to various spending habits and lifestyle needs.

What is the minimum salary for an Adib credit card?

If you are 21 years old and have a monthly salary of at least AED 5,000

Is cash back rewards free money?

No, cash back is not free money.

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