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general guide of enquiry services mohre

general guide of enquiry services mohre

enquiry services mohre offer a comprehensive array of tools and resources designed to streamline various aspects of employment-related inquiries. Through these services, individuals and businesses can access vital information and complete essential tasks with ease.

enquiry services mohre

Here are enquiry services mohre available on the eService page:

  • Verify Employee Certificates
  • Verify Trade License Certificates
  • Obtain Mission Pre-Approval for Work Permits
  • View Bank Guarantee Details
  • Obtain Abscond Approval
  • Check Application Status
  • Access Company Information
  • Retrieve Company Information by License Number
  • Check Link Status with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs
  • Verify E-Quota Status by Company Number or Transaction Number
  • Apply for Work Permit Pre-Approval
  • Access Receipts
  • Check Pre-Approval Status for Work Permits with the Ministry of Interior
  • Obtain Bank Guarantee Refund Approval Receipts
  • Receive PRO Approval Receipts
  • View Contract Registration Receipts
  • View Pending Payments
  • Print Electronic Work Permits
  • Inquire About Job Offers
  • Check Domestic Worker Status
  • Obtain License Certificates for Private Employment Agencies
  • Calculate Fines
  • Inquire About Cancellation Transactions
  • Withdraw Absconding Cancellation Documents
  • Access Electronic Work Permit Information
  • Receive Company Approval Cancellation Receipts

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check mohre gov ae services enquiry

Individuals can check mohre services enquiry through these steps:

Visit the official MOHRE portal.

Click on “Services” and then choose “Enquiry Services.”

Opt for the feature that allows you to monitor the status of your application.

Input your unique identifier.

general guide of enquiry services mohre

Click or tap on the “SEARCH” symbol to proceed with the inquiry.

    download uae mohre enquiry services

    To download uae mohre enquiry services; follow these steps:

    ☑Install the MOHRE app for app store”from here” for play store”from here“directly.

    ☑Locate the section for status inquiry.

    ☑Input your transaction number into the designated field provided for status inquiries.

    ☑Tap or click on the search button to initiate the search process.

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    mohre services payment 

    Employers have the option to settle fines incurred by their domestic workers through MOHRE. To complete the payment process, employers need to present:

    • A copy of their passport
    • An original, valid ID card (GCC/resident/investor)
    • Their own original, valid ID card

    Additionally, MOHRE oversees various other employment-related procedures, including:

    • Updating or modifying work permits
    • Cancelling both used and unused work permits
    • Conducting inspections at workplace sites
    • Maintaining updated data within the recruitment system
    • Providing training opportunities for job seekers
    • Issuing or revoking PRO cards, licenses for brokerage agencies, or temporary recruitment permits
    • Handling quota requests for establishments with 50 or more employees
    • Carrying out regular inspections.

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    www mohre gov ae enquiry service

    Access the MOHRE enquiry service through the official website at mohre.gov.ae directly.

    In conclusion, enquiry services mohre stand as a cornerstone in facilitating seamless interactions between individuals, businesses, and government entities within the employment sector.

    How can I check my visa status in Mohre?

    You can check visa status in Mohre via mohre website or call center 600590000.

    How can I check my contract online?

    Visit the MOHRE website.
    Click Services.
    Select Job Offers and Contracts Services from the drop-down menu.
    Scroll down to My Contract.
    Choose: Search By Transaction Number or Search By Personal Details.

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