Emirates id emirates id requirements 

emirates id photo requirements pdf

emirates id photo requirements pdf

emirates id photo requirements are essential to ensure that the submitted photo accurately represents the individual’s face, preventing the use of fake photos or impersonation. These requirements enhance the security of the identification process and facilitate easier verification of identity when necessary for official purposes.

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emirates id photo requirements

Emirates ID photo requirements are of utmost importance as they serve to uphold consistency and uniformity in the identification process. These guidelines establish a set standard for photos that all individuals must adhere to when submitting their images. This uniformity greatly simplifies the task for authorities, enabling them to easily compare and match photos across various documents and applications.

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new emirates id photo requirements 2024

To ensure that your Emirates ID photo meets the required guidelines for online identification, please adhere to the following specifications:

☑Image Quality and Freshness:

  • The photo must be of high quality and recent, not older than six months.


  • The image dimensions should be within 35-40mm.


  • The background of the photo should be plain white.

☑Facial Expression:

  • Maintain a neutral facial expression without exaggerated expressions.


  • Your face should be positioned parallel to the photographic lens, without any tilt.


  • Ensure your eyes are open and clearly visible, with no colored lenses.


  • Glasses are permitted as long as they do not obscure your eyes or cause reflections that obscure them.

☑Clothing (for Citizens):

  • Adhere to the official UAE dress code for citizens.

☑Head Covering:

  • Head coverings are allowed, provided they align with national dress or religious beliefs.


  • The image should have a resolution of 600 dpi and should not show any ink traces or signs of shrinkage.

☑No Image Editing:

  • The photo should not undergo any modifications using image editing software.

photo size required for emirates id

When taking a photo for your Emirates ID, ensure it is a square shape with dimensions between 35-40mm in height and width to meet the required quality and clarity standards.

emirates id photo requirements pdf

emirates id photo rejected

If your Emirates ID photo is rejected, it indicates that the submitted photo did not meet the specified requirements. In such cases, provide a new photo that adheres to the guidelines mentioned above to avoid further rejection.

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emirates id photo requirements pdf

The Emirates id photo requirements PDF is a document that offers comprehensive information about the specifications for ID photos. Here is Emirates ID photo requirements pdf.

In conclusion, emirates id photo requirements are crucial for maintaining consistency and reliability in the identification process, ensuring that all submitted photos adhere to the same standards for accurate verification of identities.

What are the requirements for the new Emirates ID photo?

the requirements for the new Emirates ID photo are High quality, recent, colored, and not older than six months (35 to 40 mm in width). Background: White. Features: Neutral facial expressions (natural, not exaggerated).

What is the photo size for UAE ID?

the photo size for UAE ID is 35x40mm

What is passport size photo visa ID?

The photograph should be in color and the size of 2 inches x 2 inches (51 mm x 51 mm). 

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