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dubai police number free for emergency

dubai police number free for emergency

The dubai police number serves as a crucial lifeline in times of emergency within the city. This easily accessible hotline provides residents and visitors with immediate assistance in various safety-related situations, ranging from reporting crimes and accidents to seeking help during emergencies.

dubai police number

The emergency dubai police number is 999. You can dial this number in case of urgent safety-related incidents or emergencies requiring police assistance.

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dubai police whatsapp number

To contact the Dubai Police, you can use their Al Ameen service by calling +9718004888. Additionally, they offer a WhatsApp complaint number at +971548004444. These channels provide convenient ways to reach out to the authorities for assistance or to report any concerns.

dubai police emergency number

For urgent safety-related incidents in Dubai, the appropriate emergency number to dial is 999. Whether you need to report a road accident, a crime in progress, or a disturbance, this is the number to call for prompt assistance from the Dubai Police.

In case of a serious emergency, such as a medical crisis, the police can dispatch a helicopter ambulance to provide swift aid.

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dubai police toll free number sms

The Dubai Police complaint SMS number is 4444. You can use this number to send your complaints via text message for prompt attention from the authorities.

dubai police contact number

Residents also have the option to report crimes anonymously to the Dubai Police by calling 800-4888. This service allows individuals to contribute to community safety without revealing their identity.

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dubai emergency numbers

Here are Dubai emergency numbers you should know:

Dubai Police999
Dubai Police (Anonymous reporting)800-4888
Crimes against Children+971-4-266-1228
Wanted Persons Department+971-4-266-0929
Ambulance Services998
Fire Emergencies997
Maritime City Authority800-8855
Municipality Service+971-4-221-5555
Electricity Failure911
Water Failure922
Public Health & Customer Safety+971-4-223-2323
Consumer Rights600-522-225
Reporting Fake Medicine800-11111
Flight Inquiries+971-4-224-5777
Work-Related Emergencies80060
Drone Accidents+971-50-641-4667
Nuclear or Radiation Concerns800-3267999

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dubai police number free for emergency

In conclusion, the dubai police number stands as a vital pillar of safety and security in the city.

What is the WhatsApp number for Dubai Police?

Dubai Police WhatsApp number +971548004444.

What is 999 in UAE?

in the UAE: 999 is number for Police. 

Is 901 for 24 hours?

The number is open for calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week

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