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Comprehensive guide of uae manual driving license

Comprehensive guide of uae manual driving license

Obtaining a uae manual driving license is a significant milestone for individuals aspiring to drive manual transmission vehicles. This license grants drivers the legal authority to operate manual cars within the country. In this article we will provide how to update uae driving license from aoutomati to manual, uae manual driving license test and cost.

Types of driving licences in the uae

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), driving licenses are categorised based on the type of vehicles individuals are permitted to operate. These categories encompass a wide range of vehicles, each requiring specific skills and qualifications. Here are the types of driving licenses in the UAE:

☑Category 1: Motorcycles
☑Category 2: Light Travelling Vehicles (LTV)
☑Category 3: Heavy Travelling Vehicles (HTV)
☑Category 4: Buses
☑Category 5: Light Trailers
☑Category 6: Heavy Trailers
☑Category 7: Forklift
☑Category 8: Heavy Forklif

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uae manual driving license

Getting a uae manual driving license opens up a world of opportunities for individuals seeking to navigate the roads with confidence and skill. With its stringent training programs and comprehensive testing procedures, acquiring a manual driving license signifies not just the ability to operate manual transmission vehicles, but also a commitment to road safety and proficiency behind the wheel.

uae manual driving license test

When taking a manual driver’s license test, the focus shifts towards assessing your proficiency in operating a manual car rather than evaluating your overall driving skills. The manual driver’s license test evaluates the following aspects:

Clutch Control:
Assessing how confidently the driver operates the clutch pedal.
Braking Technique:
Testing the ability to apply brakes effectively in a manual transmission vehicle.
Gear Shifting:
Evaluating the skill in manoeuvring the gear-stick smoothly.
Acceleration Control:
Observing how well the driver manages the accelerator pedals.
<strong>Focus on Road:</strong>
Ensuring attention to the road while shifting gears manually.
Handling Gear Changes:
Assessing the ability to cope with the process of shifting between gears smoothly.

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can manual license holders drive automatic in uae

In the UAE, individuals holding a manual driving license have the legal authorisation to operate automatic vehicles as well. This means that if you possess a manual license, you are not restricted to only driving manual transmission cars; you can confidently navigate and drive automatic vehicles within the country.

how to update uae driving license from aoutomati to manual

Here are the steps to change your automatic license to a manual one online in the UAE:

  • Begin by visiting the RTA website.
  • Locate and click on the “Apply Now” button.
Comprehensive guide of uae manual driving license
  • Select the “Driving License” option and enter your license number along with its issuance date.
  • Proceed by clicking on “Next.”
  • A verification code will be sent to the mobile number linked with your driver’s license. Enter this code on the website.
  • Choose a driving institute and schedule a date for your driving test.

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what is advantage of the uae driving license manuall

Here are the advantages of having a manual driving license simplified:

Having a manual license can set you apart in job applications.

Manual cars are typically cheaper to purchase and maintain than automatic ones.

Driving a manual car gives you more control, particularly in challenging road conditions like snow or rain.

Many drivers find driving a manual car more engaging and enjoyable.

manual driving license in unlimited fails in uae

If you don’t pass the manual driving license test in the UAE, you’ll need to reapply for the road test, as stated on the RTA website. In case of failure, the RTA offers guidance on how to enhance your manual driving skills to increase your chances of success in subsequent attempts.

uae manual driving license cost

If you opt to take the road test at a driving institute in the UAE, you’ll be required to pay a service fee. The approximate cost of the road test is around Dh300.

Comprehensive guide of uae manual driving license

In conclusion, obtaining a uae manual driving license is not just about gaining the legal authorisation to operate manual transmission vehicles; it represents a commitment to road safety, skilful driving, and adherence to regulations.

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Can I drive manual with automatic licence in UAE?

In the UAE, if you hold an automatic driver’s license, you are not permitted to drive a manual car on the road.

What is Category 3 driving licence in UAE?

The Category 3 driving licence in UAE is Heavy Travelling Vehicles (HTV).

Is UAE driving license international?

You can use your UAE driving licence in other countries where it is accepted and recognised

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