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Comprehension guide about ajman traffic fine discount 2024

Comprehension guide about ajman traffic fine discount 2024

The ajman traffic fine discount 2024 initiative offers drivers a beneficial opportunity to alleviate the financial burden of outstanding fines. in this article we will provide the last news about ajman traffic fine discount, and how to pay it by three methods.

ajman traffic fine discount

ajman traffic fine discount program will be applicable to fines issued prior to January 1st, 2024, and will be open to all drivers who settle their fines completely before the specified deadline. The discount percentage will differ based on the nature of the violation and the fine amount.

To benefit from this offer, you need to pay off your fines between January 1, 2024, and March 31, 2024. If you don’t do so within this period, you won’t be eligible for the discount.

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ajman traffic fine discount eligibility

Check eligibility of traffic fine discounts in Ajman:

Accumulating a minimum total fine amount of AED 5000 for individuals or AED 20,000 for companies.

Clearing at least 25% of the total fine amount.

Being informed about any applicable fees for deferring instalment payments.

ajman traffic fines discount 2024 last date

Beginning January 1st, 2024, motorists in Ajman can take advantage of a discount of up to 50% on their traffic fines and the last date is March 31, 2024. This discount will be applicable to fines related to violations occurring prior to December 31st, 2023.

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apply ajman police traffic fine discount

To apply for a discount on your Ajman traffic fines, follow these steps:

☑Step 1Go to the official Ajman Police website and log in.
☑Step 2Chosse “Traffic Fines” section.
☑Step 3Choose the fines you want to seek a discount on.
☑Step 4Click on the “Request Discount” button and proceed with
the application process.
☑Step 5Complete the application by providing necessary personal
☑Step 6Uploading required documents such as Emirates ID, driving license,
and proof of payment.
☑Step 7You’ll receive a confirmation email containing the application
details and the discounted amount.
☑Step 8Within 48 hours of approval, the discount will be applied to
your fine balance.
Comprehension guide about ajman traffic fine discount 2024

traffic fine 50% discount ajman

Here are the steps to avail a 50% discount on traffic fines in Ajman:

Ensure that you qualify for the traffic fine discount during the payment process.
The discount is only applicable when you pay your fines, either online or offline.
You must make the payment promptly to avail the discount; delaying payment disqualifies you from the discount.
The discount is available regardless of whether you pay your fines online or offline.
You cannot postpone paying your fines to avail the discount; it’s only applicable during the payment process.

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pay discount on ajman traffic fines

Here’s how you can pay your traffic fines in Ajman and avail a discount:

➡➡➡Online PaymentVisit the Ajman Police website.
Follow the prompts, input your vehicle plate number, and proceed with the payment.
➡➡➡Ajman Police AppDownload the Ajman Police app on your smartphone.
Log in using your Emirates ID or mobile number, navigate to the traffic fines payment section, and settle your fines conveniently.
➡➡➡In-person PaymentHead to the Ajman Police Headquarters or any of their service centers.
Present your Emirates ID and vehicle registration details, and the staff will guide you through the payment process.

Ajman police website

You can pay your traffic fines in Ajman and avail discounts through the following platforms:

  • Ajman Police Website: “from here” directly.
  • Ajman Police App: Download the Ajman Police app from the Google Play Store here for Android devices or from the App Store here for iOS devices.

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In conclusion, the ajman traffic fine discount initiative represents a proactive step towards promoting road safety and facilitating financial relief for drivers.

Is there any discount on traffic fines in Ajman?

Yes, All residents of Ajman Emirate are eligible to get traffic fines discount.

How to get 35 discount on traffic fines?

You can avail of this substantial discount if you pay your traffic fines within two months (that’s 60 days) of committing the traffic offense. 

What is the fine discount in UAE 2024?

50% Discount On Traffic Fines UAE.

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