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al ghazal mall emirates id: service, timings, location

al ghazal mall emirates id centre is a distinct and specialised establishment in Dubai, designed to provide comprehensive solutions for all your ID card-related needs. It stands out from other service centers in the city due to its dedicated focus on Emirates ID services. This article provides detailed information about Al Ghazal Mall’s Emirates ID Centre, including the services it offers, its location, operating hours, and contact number.

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al ghazal mall emirates id service

al ghazal mall emirates id service al ghazal mall emirates id service includes The following Emirates ID services only:

◼fingerprint capture Service.
◼Issuance of a new ID card Service.
◼ID card renewal Service.
◼ID card replacement Service.
◼Exemption from late fines Service.
◼Customer Service.
◼Card Collection Service.
◼Urgent ID card printing service.

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al ghazal mall emirates id centre
Public facilities

The ghazal mall emirates id centre offers various public facilities to enhance the visitor experience, catering to diverse needs. These include:

  • Car parking for customers, females, and people of determination.
  • Toilets for males, females, and people of determination.
  • Prayer room for both males and females.
  • Children’s play corner.
  • Go Digital Corner.
  • Knowledge Corner.

Process to get emirates id at al ghazal mall center

To obtain your Emirates ID at the Al Ghazal Mall center, here’s an alternative set of instructions:

◻Start by filling out the Emirates ID application form.
Choose al ghazal mall center.
Payment of Application Fee.
Once your form is filled and the fee is paid, submit your application at the designated counter within the Al Ghazal Mall center.
Stay updated on the status of your Emirates ID application or renewal.

    al ghazal mall emirates ID center timings

    The operating hours for the Emirates ID Centre at Al Ghazal Mall are as follows:


    • Morning Session: 7:30 AM – 12:00 PM
    • Afternoon Session: 2:30 PM – 6:30 PM

    Saturday & Sunday: Closed

    Monday to Thursday: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    al ghazal mall emirates id center location

    The emirates id center at Al Ghazal Mall is situated in Dubai, specifically in the Al Bida area on 2nd December Street within Al Ghazal Mall. This location provides convenient access for residents and visitors seeking Emirates ID services in the area.

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    al ghazal center fingerprint dubai contact number

    To reach the Emirates ID Centre at Al Ghazal Mall, you can contact them at 600522222 during their operational hours. This contact number enables inquiries about services, appointments, and other Emirates ID-related matters while the center is open.

    al ghazal mall emirates id centre photos

    Here are some ghazal mall emirates id center photos:

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    In conclusion, al ghazal mall emirates id centre in Dubai is a dedicated and specialised establishment that provides a wide range of services related to Emirates ID cards.

    What is the contact number of Al Ghazal Center Dubai for Emirates ID?

    Al Ghazal Customer Happiness Center at the phone number +971 60 052 2222.

    How many days will it take to get Emirates ID after biometrics?

    You will receive your Emirates ID 2 to 4 weeks after “visa stamping is completed”.

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