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ajman traffic fines inquiry simple Guide

ajman traffic fines inquiry simple Guide

ajman traffic fines inquiry system provides a convenient and efficient way for residents and visitors to stay updated on their traffic violations. By accessing the Ajman Police website or using dedicated mobile applications such as the Ajman One app, individuals can easily check for any outstanding fines associated with their vehicle or driver’s license.

ajman traffic fines inquiry by Ajman Police

The ajman traffic fines inquiry system serves as an essential tool for individuals to monitor and manage their traffic violations within the emirate of Ajman. here are steps to inquiry Ajman traffic fines:

Go to the official website of Ajman Police and navigate to the “Services” section.

Click on the option “Traffic Fines” and click on “start Services” menu to access the traffic fines inquiry page.

ajman traffic fines inquiry simple Guide

Input your vehicle information, such as the vehicle number, driving license number, and plate category, along with your Emirates ID or passport number as required.

ajman traffic fines inquiry simple Guide

After providing the necessary details, you’ll be able to view your traffic fines on the subsequent page.

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ajman traffic fines online inquiry by ajman police app

To check fines associated with your Emirates ID in Ajman using the Ajman Police App, follow these steps:

Download and install the Ajman Police App.

Log in to the app using your UAE Pass ID.

Navigate to the “Services” section and locate the option for payment of traffic fines.

Select your preferred search method; you can either use your ID number or vehicle details.

The app will display any relevant fines associated with your search criteria.

To make a payment for fines, tap on the “Pay” button, select your preferred payment method (debit/credit), input your card details, and confirm the payment.

online traffic fine inquiry ajman

here are the steps to check traffic fine inquiry by Ajman One app:

Install the Ajman One app.

Navigate to the ‘Services’ section within the app.

Locate and select ‘Traffic Fines Inquiry.’

Input your vehicle’s information, such as the license plate number or driver’s license number.

Once entered, you’ll be presented with a list of any outstanding fines associated with your vehicle.

Utilising this app enables you to monitor your fines in real-time, ensuring you stay informed about any pending violations.

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ajman police traffic fine inquiry by number plate

Citizens and residents can check their traffic fine by following these steps:

📌Go to the MOI website.

📌Navigate to the “E-Services” section located in the top menu bar.

📌Select “Payment of Traffic fines.”

ajman traffic fines inquiry simple Guide

📌Choose “Ajman” from the dropdown menu.

📌Enter your Plate number or Traffic profile number, License Number, and Emirates ID.

📌Click on the “Search” button to proceed with the inquiry.

traffic fine ajman inquiry by Happiness Service Center

If you opt for in-person assistance, you can visit any Happiness Service Center in Ajman to inquire about your traffic fines. Here are some suggestions for a hassle-free visit:

Gather all necessary documents or forms of identification beforehand.

Ensure your visit aligns with the center’s operating hours to prevent any delays or complications.

ajman traffic fines inquiry contact number

For inquiries regarding Ajman traffic fines or if you encounter any difficulties while checking your fines, feel free to reach out to the Ajman Police call center at 80070 for assistance.

Ajman Traffic department toll Free number

The toll-free number for the Ajman Traffic Department, 600599997, serves as a vital point of contact for residents and visitors needing assistance or information related to traffic matters in the emirate.

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ajman traffic fines inquiry and payment

If you’ve been issued a traffic fine in Ajman, there are multiple methods available for payment. Here’s how you can proceed:

  • Access the official Ajman Police website to utilise their online fine payment service.
  •  choose one of the methods to inquire about fines.
  • Input the necessary details related to your traffic fine, including the fine number and vehicle plate number.
  • Review the displayed fine information carefully, verifying the amount due and the payment deadline to ensure accuracy.
  • Choose your preferred payment method from the options provided, which may include debit card, credit card, or e-wallet.
  • Provide the required payment details, such as card number, CVV, and expiration date, then proceed to finalise the transaction by clicking the ‘Pay’ button.
  • Upon successful payment, obtain a receipt confirming your transaction. It’s advisable to either print or save a digital copy of the receipt for your records.

List of traffic fines in Ajman

The Ajman Traffic Department upholds rigorous traffic regulations, and violations of these laws can lead to penalties for drivers. Below are examples of frequently encountered traffic fines in Ajman.

Traffic ViolationFineBlack PointsVehicle ImpoundingDriving License Block
Exceeding speed limit by up to 20 km/hAED 6004
Exceeding speed limit by more than 20 km/h but less than 30 km/hAED 8006
Exceeding speed limit by 30 km/h or moreAED 1000830 DaysLicense blocked
for 3 months
Jumping a red lightAED 10001230 DaysLicense blocked
for 3 months
Using a mobile phone while drivingAED 8004
Not wearing seat belt while drivingAED 400
Driving without valid insuranceAED 5004
Driving an unregistered vehicleAED 5004
Parking in a prohibited areaAED 200
Violating lane disciplineAED 4004
Overtaking on the hard shoulderAED 6006
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugsAED 200002360 DaysLicense blocked
for one

ajman traffic fines inquiry website

To inquire about traffic fines in Ajman, UAE, you have multiple convenient options:

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In conclusion, the ajman traffic fines inquiry system stands as a testament to the emirate’s commitment to promoting road safety and responsible driving behaviours.

How can pay unpayable fines in Ajman?

You can use the smart apps provided by the Ministry of Interior and the Ajman Police.

How do I check traffic fine details?

Call center 901.

Where can I pay non payable fines in Ajman?

The fines can be paid through service centres, Ajman police app, Sahl smart kiosks and Ministry of Interior.

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