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abu dhabi traffic fines check online in 1 minutes

abu dhabi traffic fines check online in 1 minutes

abu dhabi traffic fines check is a straightforward process that can be done through various platforms. Individuals can easily access their traffic fine information using online services such as the Abu Dhabi Police, TAMM website or the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website.

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abu dhabi traffic fines check

abu dhabi traffic fines check can done through the Abu Dhabi Police website, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Abu Dhabi Police website.

Step 2: Select the “Public Services” section and click on “TRAFFIC FINES INQUIRY.”

abu dhabi traffic fines check online by emirates id

Step 3:Sign in using your Emirates ID or Vehicle Plate Number.

abu dhabi traffic fines check online by emirates id

Step 4: Review the list of fines and their amounts.

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abu dhabi police fine check by emirates id

To check Abu Dhabi fines using your Emirates ID, follow these steps:

TAMM Website:

Step 1: Visit the TAMM website and access the “Vehicle and Transportation” section.

Step 2: Access the “Vehicle and Transportation” section.

Step 3: Select “Traffic Violations and Fines.”

Step 4: Provide your Emirates ID number and vehicle registration details.

Step 5: Review your fines and choose the ones you wish to settle.

Step 6: Proceed to payment by clicking on “Pay Now.”

Step 7: Opt for your preferred payment method and input the necessary details.

Step 8: Confirm the payment by clicking “Pay.”


Step 2: Download and install the TAMM mobile application.

Step 3: Launch the app and sign in to your TAMM account.

Step 4: Tap on the “Fines” icon within the app.

Step 5: Enter your Emirates ID number and tap “Search.”

Step 6: All your unpaid traffic fines will then be displayed on your screen.

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abu dhabi police traffic fine inquiry by number plate

Individual can check your Abu Dhabi traffic fine using number plate through the Ministry of Interior website (MOI), follow these steps:

1️⃣ Visit the Ministry of Interior website.

2️⃣ Navigate to the “E-Services” section located in the top menu bar.

3️⃣ Within the Traffic Services category, select “Payment of Traffic Fines.”

4️⃣ Choose “Abu Dhabi” and enter your Plate Number, Traffic Profile Number, License Number, or Emirates ID.

5️⃣ Enter the captcha code provided and then click on the “Search” button to proceed.

abu dhabi traffic fines inquiry

To inquire about abu dhabi traffic fines using the MOI UAE website, follow these steps:

Visit the official MOI UAE website.

Navigate to the “Traffic Fines Payment” section.

abu dhabi traffic fines check online by emirates id

Read through the details provided and select “Access Now.”

Use your UAE PASS credentials to log in securely.

Input your vehicle’s license plate number to access fine information.

Enter your driver’s license number to check for fines associated with your license.

If fines are detected, you can opt to settle them using a credit card.

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traffic fines inquiry abu dhabi

Here’s a guide on how to check and pay your fines at customer service centers:

Arrange an appointment with a customer service representative.

Provide necessary documents such as Emirates ID or vehicle information.

Visit the nearest customer service center.

Submit required details and settle fines accordingly.

Proceed to settle the fine payment.

abu dhabi traffic fines list

Here is a list of Abu Dhabi traffic fines:

DescriptionFineBlack PointsAdditional Penalty
Driving below minimum speed limitAED400
Exceeding speed limit by over 80 km/hourAED3,00023Vehicle confiscation for 60 days
Driving without vehicle number platesAED3,00023Vehicle confiscation for 90 days
Endangering road usersAED2,00023Vehicle confiscation for 60 days
Sudden swervingAED1,0004
Reversing dangerouslyAED5004
Running red lightAED1,00012Vehicle confiscation for 30 days
Following too closelyAED4004
Failure to ensure clear path when entering roadAED4004
Not wearing helmet on motorcycle (driver/passenger)AED500Driver: 4 Passenger: 0
Illegal shoulder overtakingAED1,0006
Failure to yield to emergency vehicles/police carsAED1,0006
Parking on pavementsAED400
Parking in designated areas (e.g., for special needs)AED1,0006
Obstructing authorities in regulating trafficAED1,0004Vehicle confiscation for 60 days
Driving with expired license/registrationAED5004Vehicle confiscation for 7 days
Failure to carry driver’s license/vehicle registrationAED400
Using mobile phone while drivingAED8004
Driving without insuranceAED5004Vehicle confiscation for 7 days
Illegal transportation of passengersAED3,00024Vehicle confiscation for 30 days
Failure to yield to pedestrians at crossingsAED5006
Driving under influence of alcoholCourt decision23Vehicle confiscation for 60 days
Driving under influence of drugs/other substancesCourt decisionVehicle confiscation for 60 days / License suspension for one year post-punishment
Causing major accidents or injuriesCourt decision23Vehicle confiscation for 30 days
Causing someone’s deathCourt decision23Vehicle confiscation for 60 days

MOI website for checking your traffic fine

There are several methods available for checking fines in Abu Dhabi:

Visit the Abu Dhabi Police Website.

Abu Dhabi Police App: from the App Store by clicking “here,” or from the Play Store by clicking “here“directly.

Visit the TAMM Abu Dhabiwebsite.

TAMM Abu Dhabi Mobile App: Download it from the App Store by clicking “here,” or from the Play Store by clicking “here“directly.

 ☑Visit the Ministry of Interior website.

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In summary, the process of abu dhabi traffic fines check offers individuals a variety of convenient options to ensure compliance with traffic regulations.

How can I check Abu Dhabi traffic fines?

Go to the TAMM.
Select ‘Drive & Transport’ under the list of services.
Click on ‘Fines & Violations.’
Select ‘Traffic Fines Payment.’
Click on ‘Sign in to Start’ at the bottom.
Select ‘Sign in with UAE Pass.’
Enter your Emirates ID and you can approve the access on the UAE Pass app on your phone.

How do I pay a traffic fine in UAE?

Ministry of Interior.
MOI UAE app on Google Play and App Store.
Emirates Vehicle Gate.
Abu Dhabi Police.
Dubai Police.
RTA – Dubai.
Ras Al Khaimah eGovernment.

How can I check my overstay fine by passport number?

visit the GDRFA website.
select the file type from the dropdown menu. resident (for residence visa holders) permit (for visit or tourist visa holders)
provide the requested details.
solve the simple math equation for captcha verification.
click the ‘Submit’ button.

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