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A guide of esaad card for golden visa in uae: Applying, registration and requirements

A guide of esaad card for golden visa in uae: Applying, registration and requirements

The esaad card for golden visa holders in Dubai represents a gateway to a world of convenience and privilege. More than just an identification card, it serves as a tangible symbol of the holder’s esteemed status. Through the Esaad Card, Golden Visa recipients gain streamlined access to essential services and benefits across various sectors, including healthcare, education, hospitality, entertainment, real estate, retail, and automobile services.

esaad card benefits in uae

The esaad card provides extensive discount packages across various sectors like lifestyle, healthcare, fashion, beauty, and tourism. Cardholders can enjoy discounts of up to 70%, making it a valuable asset.

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esaad card for golden visa in uae

The esaad card for golden visa holders offers a multitude of benefits:

Esaad Card holders receive substantial discounts of up to 70% on healthcare services and gain access to select healthcare providers. They’re also eligible for exclusive health insurance plans covering up to Dhs20,000,000 in claims.
Real Estate:
Exclusive discounts on selected real estate projects are available for cardholders, along with dedicated customer service for real estate inquiries. The card is recognized in 92 countries, facilitating real estate investments globally.
Cardholders enjoy discounts of up to 40% on school fees at certain schools and up to 80% at specific universities. The card provides access to quality education and exclusive educational programs.
Esaad Card holders save up to 70% on hospitality and entertainment services at various establishments worldwide. Their immediate family members can also benefit from these discounts.
Cardholders enjoy discounts of up to 70% across various retail sectors, enhancing their shopping experience both online and in-store.
cars services:
Esaad Card holders receive discounts on automobile services, including maintenance, rentals, and driving schools. They also gain access to a wide range of automobile-related brands to enhance their transportation experience.

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how to apply for esaad card for golden visa holders

To apply for esaad card for golden visa holders; follow these steps:

Visit the ESAAD website.

Look for the registration option.

A guide of esaad card for golden visa in uae: Applying, registration and requirements

Fill in your name, personal particulars, and Emirates ID in the designated fields provided on the registration form.

Input your email address and phone number to ensure you can be contacted regarding your application.

Solve the captcha puzzle presented on the screen to verify that you are a real person and not a bot.

A guide of esaad card for golden visa in uae: Applying, registration and requirements

Once all required information is entered, click on the “Submit” button to send your application for processing.

    esaad card registration online

    To register for the Esaad Card, follow these steps:

    ◻Eligibility Check: Before you begin applying for the Esaad Card, ensure you meet the necessary criteria. This involves checking your age, job position, and nationality to see if you qualify.
    ◻Gathering Documents: Collect essential documents such as a valid ID, passport-sized photos, employment records, and proof of address.
    ◻Online Registration: The process of registering for the Esaad Card is straightforward. Simply follow the steps provided to apply for the card and explore its benefits.

      esaad card for golden visa requirements

      To apply for the Esaad Card for golden visa holders, you need specific documents for verification. Here’s what you’ll need:

      You will need emirates ID.
      A valid passport serves as proof of your nationality and is essential for identification purposes during the application process.
      If applying as a company, you’ll need a valid professional license to validate your business’s legitimacy.
      Companies must provide their logo as part of the application process, which is used for identification and branding.
      You’ll also need a document confirming your current address, such as a bill or any official document displaying your name and address.

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      golden visa esaad not working

      Here is how to resolve the issue of the Golden Visa Esaad not working:

      The UAE’s Golden Visa initiative is designed to draw in international talent, fostering their contributions to the nation’s vibrant community.

      Recognizing the benefits of the Esaad Card is essential for fully leveraging the advantages offered by the Golden Visa program.

      Resolving any issues related to the Esaad Card is crucial for maintaining a high quality of life within the UAE.

      A guide of esaad card for golden visa in uae: Applying, registration and requirements

      In conclusion, the esaad card for golden visa holders serves as a cornerstone of convenience, privilege, and recognition within the United Arab Emirates.

      Are Golden Visa holders eligible for the Esaad card?

      The Esaad Card is a unique identification card that can be issued to Golden Visa holders in the UAE.

      Do you get Emirates ID with Golden Visa?

      Yes, the Emirates ID will be renewed with the Golden Visa. 

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